Contract Audit Squad β€” Implementation

In accordance with the implementation of WIP 2: Contract Audit Squad, we are due to create a new category within The Conclave for auditor communications. I believe this can only be done by one of the Conclave moderators: @Dontfeedthewolf @josiah.peace @Balyan @M3RL1N @brennen_eth @hersilence.eth

If there are additional roles to apply to @0xG @0xfadedface @tenacity.eth and @poof, please see that it is done, so that they can oversee that portion of The Conclave in due fashion.

Once done, they will need to discuss their methodology for the following:

  • Defining a review and approval process for incoming contracts
  • Establish on-chain seal-of-approval through auditor-controlled wallet
    – Register a recognizable ENS for auditor-controlled wallet [wagdiedev.eth]
    – Set up multi-sig requirement for mainnet deployments / interactions
    – Wallet may deploy community contracts once approved
  • Define contract submission instructions, and post them publicly on platforms

Please let it be known that The Concord of Research has acquired wagdiedev.eth and will transfer it to whatever wallet the Contract Audit Squad determines to be their operating account.


I appreciate the traffic through the Conclave by having an additional category. Only concern or reason not to do it is keeping the Conclave simple with few categories as possible. But so far we haven’t had much use of people using the wrong category thus far.

This is an easy lift and something I can implement quickly. The only issue is that the auditors will not have any special roles or signifiers within this Conclave and us Reps would have to Pin messages you want pinned and closed or any moderation type things.

If this is the agreed upon Platform and we can create the category here within. I would also add the link to this category in the Library discord / could also create a category and channels in there with highlighted roles for the audit contract squad (lot more customization on that part and giving the members their own tools to moderate/control their category/channels within the discord then discourse).

But again, doesn’t have to be either/or can implement both these things. Just thinking aloud.

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I echo these sentiments. While I appreciate the transparency afforded by hosting these communications on the Conclave provide, it also seems to be not the most convenient platform for discussions. Can the elected audit team, @0xG, @0xfadedface, @tenacity.eth and @poof, provide input as it is they who are at the core of this implementation?

This followup is merely in accordance with the proposal as it was outlined and approved.

  • Create new category within The Conclave for auditor communications

Agree that the panel should self-organize however they see fit, but I’m just posting this to keep step with what was agreed upon through the proposal’s approval.

Definitely want audit team’s input on the matter.


it is done, moved this into the category.

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Just a heads up that I started to look into shared art collection contract yesterday and will post some updates later this week.
Will also keep in mind and look into the items in the list here at the top - I’ll facilitate it if no one else will before me.


Hallo any update on this?

I believe the chat forum for @0xG @0xfadedface @tenacity.eth and @poof has been established here in the conclave.

The next step would be for them to create their gnosis safe, and then outline their own review policies for others to come through β€” I believe the first contracts coming down the pipeline will actually be from @0xG (game) and @tenacity.eth (art collection) themselves, so it should be a good trial process.

I’ve already got wagdiedev.eth registered as an ENS if that’s what they’d like to use.
Can send it over once the gnosis is made.

Boiz, make a gnosis safe with all y’all.

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Moved my message to Shared Collection Contract implementation.

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This thread is about the contract audit squad, not your work on the shared artist collection.

Though, the update is fantastic. Glad to hear you’re making headway.

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Fair enough, let me move it to not clutter this one.

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