Conclave Treasury Allocation Discussion

If we use a responsible amount of leverage (10x, 20x?) we can allocate only 20% of our funds but capture a notional value multiple times higher. This would balance our desired position size while not leaving any long term potential for gains off the table?

I’m only kidding. :slight_smile:

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Seconding the vote for converting 0%, 10%, or 20% to ETH, for now. I think this is something we should reevaluate on at least a quarterly basis.

Upon reading the initial post, my gut reaction was β€œof course - let’s ride or die!” so I thank @chimaera for exercising caution. Indeed, projects have gone belly up due to overexposure to a volatile token (DefiKingdoms is perhaps an even ore dramatic example). With that said, I’d be open to more substantial ETH purchases if it continues downward. The growth potential may be worth the risk at the right levels.

As for stable yield, I haven’t found anything worthwhile on mainnet. We could do something like the sUSD/DAI/USDT/USDC Curve pool on Optimism via Beefy for 13% APY but I’m not sure how long those incentives will last and that opens us up to risk from two protocols and an L2.


Yeap keep it simple I like those options.

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Discussion has moved to Proposal here, simplified version for For, Against, Abstain voting with 15% allocation

Proposal has moved here: Conclave Treasury Allocation - #9 by Dontfeedthewolf