Discussion: Change All Concords to Have Voting Power of 2

I like this a lot. Maybe conclave proposals can specify the voting method and weightes they hope to use.


  • Uses of treasury funds (WIP 10) can have equal weighted votes, since participant’s risk exposure is proportional to their wagdies and ToCs like in other token weighted DAOs.
  • general guidance (eg the vote on % of royalties to share with the treasury) can weight ToCs more to give more say to the people who would be impacted by those votes (eg weight artificers and field notes since they originally were the builders?).
  • Lore driven proposals (Send Amalgam to Battle) can be twitter polls, or snapshots based on ToCs with weights aligned with the lore (eg just Detriti aligned ToCs for sending the Amalgam, or detriti-aligned wagdies with voting power based on detriti trait rarity) … .

Correct yeah I saw they were for a separate snapshots which is extremely exciting. Though I do see it getting very interesting to have the votes go down this path. These must still have original voting power

I thought they would be excluded, but currently they are not Snapshot.

Link above goes to the voting and right now all tokens of concord count as votes, including those… HOWEVER… we could eliminate those from counting – but then again who does it punish more to remove them… the person who sent several, or the person who could only afford to send 1 char?

Also I would argue that our whale votes are actually pretty evened out, that recent proposal although divisive and close, still passed.


Seems to be a general consensus here.

Let’s send it!

I know we don’t want to complicate things… but as I’m doing this Player’s Handbook I see a way that exist to balance things…

Instead of increasing ALL by 2… we should increase only the tokens that have been awarded for participation in riddles, art contests, and those who took initiative.

Increase the following to 2 Votes per… nothing else:

  • 3 Coven of Detriti tokens: Toad, Witches’ Brush, Cauldron (awarded to artist tributes)
  • Field Notes & Fetid Crow’s Talon (awarded directly to Guilds, almost no secondary)
  • Glutton Soup, Molten Talisman, Monarch, & Artificer Crystals (awarded for participation in answering riddles, solving puzzles, no sacrifice)
  • Conclave Bell (community can handle disbursement)

If we only focus on these things then we have an opportunity to balance out and reward participation beyond monetary ability to amass votes with secondary purchases or wallets with WAGDIE to spare in sacrifice .

This also doesn’t complicate things… because The Two know how tokens are rewarded and any new ones created that fall in this category they will know to increase the voting power.

As for the 5 who sacrificed their Molten Talisman to unlock the Seals to Turlo… they should receive Conclave Bells.

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I never implied that this was something to be voted on. This is a temp check of community opinions on Concord weight strategies.

Feel free to keep discussing, but know that this is not something that goes to a snapshot vote and is then implemented by The Two.


I misunderstood, thanks.

Got it. Looks like there are some other thoughts coming up now that are also interesting and to be considered as well.

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This makes more sense. Appreciate polling and getting feeling from community but agree…ultimately game balance should be a dev decision – won’t always make everyone happy and especially if its balancing out or helping votes, it may never have a chance to pass as a vote to get implemented.


@Icculus could devs consider giving 2x tokens (not extra votes just 1 extra token) to those who died in situations like the war.

Current System:

Player A goes to war, dies gets token has 1 vote.

Player B goes to war, survives, gets token has 2 votes.

Suggested System:

Player A goes to war, dies, gets 2 tokens now has 2 votes.

Player B goes to war, survives, gets token now has 2 votes.

The lore would be, those who die get extra loot to send home to loved ones. Also can check my wallets, I only lost 1 soldier so this isn’t for my benefit - thinking of the Encampment who got slaughtered & future players.

Added bonus, death is incentivized.

This is an interesting idea and is possible to do. We have all of the metrics to easily separate the survivors from the fallen in battle.

I will take back this info to the others.