WAGDIE Artist Guild Token of Concord


Apply decide.fateofwagdie voting value to a Token of Concord (ToC) made by the WAGDIE Artist Guild.


To reward holders of the official community art collection.


We fully understand the perspective that art itself is utility enough. However, we’d like to provide supporters of WAG with this small perk that imbues art pieces with sustainability and impact in the grander WAGDIE project.


This is a major point of discussion. WAG has come up with two options:

Option 1: If you hold a piece of The WAG Collection, you will be able to receive a WAG ToC.

Option 2: If you hold a piece of The WAG Collection you will be able to enter a raffle with (# of WAG artists x 2) winners selected to receive a WAG ToC.

COMMUNITY PRESENTED: Option 3: There will be no WAG ToC. Instead, original pieces of The WAG Collection themselves will be allowed voting value.


We are not tied to the idea of having the WAG specifically minted into the Tokens of Concord contract if there are other efficient means of integrating voting values to airdrops from another contract.

The assigned voting value of the WAG ToC is open to discussion as well. There has been ongoing dialogue on shifting the potency of certain ToCs and we are open to the WAG ToC launching with an assigned value deemed appropriate.




-Minting and transfer fees of ToCs (WAG expense or WAG to reimburse).


To thank supporters of the WAGDIE Artist Guild, we want to provide them with a small perk for holding pieces. We invite the pilgrims of the Forsaken Lands to express their thoughts on the matter.


Interesting, allowing the art a vote and/or holding the art giving a token of concord ties it all together.

Great idea.


Will this happen only once or will it happen with every collection released by the guild? In the first case it seems very good to me but in the second I think it could dilute the power of the ToC

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Open for discussion but for option 2, raffles could be done after each drop (each season is approximately 3 months, around 3-4 drops per season).

For option 1, it would probably be an end of season advent.

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I really don’t like the idea of creating ToCs for the vote as outlined in either option.

Would rather see the WAG pieces themselves used in the voting process.

It’d be cleaner, less able to be gamed, and adds direct value to the pieces.

Creating / distributing a ToC decouples the voting value and the art value in a way that someone could sell off one portion without losing the other, and they really should be retained together.


I second the idea of allowing WAG artist pieces to be used as voting power. It’s a minor lift, I doubt many will argue against WAG getting voting power and it doesn’t detract from value of ToC or WAGDIE.

Option added!

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I also like option 3 to be honest


Its great. I’m in alignment as well.

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It seems like option 3 is most agreeable to the Lost Pilgrim. @Icculus would this approach be tenable?

How does that affect editions vs 1/1s and balance for the guild itself thereafter?

It was this nuance that refrained me from even considering this option; the raffle system I felt addressed that by concretely limiting the number of incoming votes from WAG.

Both Option 1 and 2 still suffer from the same problem, though.

Editions are cheaper and consist of the same airdrop potential / raffle entries (unless you scale vs price). It’s messy when you consider the inconsistent pricing and supply of WAG pieces and, while fine to just live with as part of the S1 release newness imperfections, it will fundamentally change structures for S2 and beyond.

If not implemented properly, this has substantial capacity to greatly benefit certain types of artists over others, and altering intentions / production for the WAG.

I think option 3 is best. As far as 1/1’s vs editions, I don’t think we need to differentiate, everything should just be 1 vote. The 17 don’t have additional voting power.

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I would agree with option 3

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So, I agree that it doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of the way that voting works.

HOWEVER - it may change how WAG works; whether artists choose to offer editions or 1/1s.

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but bringint it to attention so @josiah.peace can navigate aware.

concern – Who controls the issuance of WAG tokens? Is it possible for someone to use them for a malicious takeover of voting power?

I haven’t followed WAG.

I agree with everyone here having little concern about dilution, and leaning in favor of increasing governance power of genuine/well intended artists.

An idea from the council discussion…

What do we think of giving people 1 vote for holding a WAG NFT, regardless of the amount they hold?
This kind of balances rewarding holders with a vote vs concerns about gaming this or diluting other votes.

Snapshot might have a strategy for this already. We can look into it more if there’s interest in this strategy for WAG holders.


Open to it.

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jw what are the content rights for WAG art? Is it also CC0? Is it up to the artist?