WIP 1: Community Projects Royalty Fee

I don’t think a flat x% of profits would work for all projects we might receive. The repayment and profit sharing should depend on the project and be part of a project proposal.

What about projects that are 90% dev-funded vs 0% dev-funded? Shouldn’t we ask for more repayment if we give more funding?

What about projects that create non-monetary assets vs ones that do not? Shouldn’t we also consider the non-monetary value and possible ask for a lower % of monetary profits?

What about projects that require other forms of support from the DAO (volunteer devs or content creators), but do not require DAO monetary support?

If a project has their own token and airdrops the DAO 30%, does that satisfy the requirement? What if instead of airdropping there’s a DAO vesting schedule?


Oh man where were you before this went live!?!

It doesn’t have to be hard rule, but at least if this passes with a minimum we have some standard set going forward. Again, some proposals may not even include revenue plans and that is OK too.

I do love these questions though

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Based on your points brought up, I think it would be a good idea before pushed for final approval or next stage there should be more literature about other conditions

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0% funded would not have to allocate anything to the community treasury.

The current vote only sets a minimum for projects split which I envisioned as ETH from projects that charge for minting.

The next phase is to develop and approve a framework where the questions about tokens, airdrops, assets can be defined.

For community devs etc I believe that does not need to require a split or even a proposal unless it needs to tie into another part of the ecosystem. People are free to value their own time however they see fit.


Proposal Passed with 30% as the winning vote with:

  • 524 WAGDIE
  • Quorum 630/200

Results: Snapshot