WIP-0: To incentivize decision making activity by establishing a decentralized Moderation team for the Forum

Proposal Name: WIP-0: To incentivize decision making activity by establishing a decentralized Conclave Representative team for the Forum.

:skull: Abstract | Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal.

  • As a test proposal for the community and to ensure this forum is decentralized from the ground up. For the community, by the community, and an equal representation of the community… I’d like our first proposals together to be a VOTE on which community members would make the best Conclave Representatives.

  • To participate NOMINATE below users you seek fit, don’t bother mentioning a person’s name more than once as all Nominations =1. UNLESS you wish to offer a counter-point against a current Nomination.

:skull: Motivation | A statement on why the WAGDIE Community should implement

  • In order for this Discourse to best serve the community and generate maximum participation and efficiency, we must have a decentralized process for establishing the Conclave Reps of this forum. We also could use the practice of creating new proposals and working through the process together, to improve efficiency and participation on this platform.

:skull: Rationale | An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the WAGDIE Community’s mission and guiding values.

  • This artwork is CC0 and although the team kicked off the story, we (the community) as participants have shaped the story through our actions and participation. Therefore this forum, as a representation of the community and WAGDIE values should also go from being something the team started, to a decentralized process of curating Proposals that the Community participates in and plays just as much a part in the building.

:skull: Key Terms (optional) | Definition of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the WAGDIE Community, and/or industry-specific.

  • Conclave Representative: Trust Level 4 users, ability to curate New Proposals and bring them into Final Proposals for Live Voting.

:skull: Specifications | A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

  • The forum as well as discord and twitter can serve as a place for discourse, discussion, and spreading awareness of this Vote. This platform will be used for users to practice Proposals by nominating themselves and/or others to be part of the Conclave Representatives. Final voting will be done on Snapshot once the New Proposals are upgraded to a Final Proposal.

:skull: Steps to Implement | The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, labor, and other resources for each step where applicable.

  • No additional cost, other than TIME spent engaging and participating on this platform. Getting used to using the Discourse, submitting a Proposal and Voting.

:skull: Timeline | Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

  • This first proposal will not be constrained or restricted heavily by time, as we want to make sure this process is done right. My submission here is not the final submission, nor is it a complete submission as I myself am not voting anyone in and am writing this submission as a guideline and example for others to use and create their own voting proposal for Moderation.

:skull: Overal Cost | The total cost to implement the proposal (in ETH).

  • Again the only cost at the moment is participants time and energy spent on learning this platform and submitting their proposals. We have volunteered our time in creating this process and will continue to volunteer our time in moderating and assisting others in learning how to use this forum.

This is merely an example to kick things off and get us started in figuring out as a whole community, with no centralized powers, to determine the best way to fill this Conclave Representative role and start creating Proposals that figure out the best way to allocate Community Funds for WAGDIE.


To respect her light we need to ensure the chosen are best aligned with the goals of the project and community. Choose wisely.

I support this initiative.

Anyone interested in taking on this great responsibility should declare their interest in this thread.


I propose King Offling (Twitter @KingOfFling). He has been an excellent example of leadership in guiding this project. I will tag him once he has signed up.

Beyond that, there are many, many more. I may ask if those who are interested offer their interesting/willingness to be nominated? I hesitate to volunteer anyone (except King) that may not have time/commitment to lead.


I’d love to have a role in all of this, but I’m sure there are people better equipped for this.


I will happily lend my time as a moderator, I keep odd hours and am not bound to any outside obligations or time constraints, so can easily give good overnight coverage with the blessing of the community.


I also nominate Balyan as well. He has been an ever present figure within the Discord and I feel he would be an excellent candidate.

There are so many more, we have a great community, but I will let others make their nominations.


I support this nomination


King Offling, Bus, EntiTez, Balyan are nominations I’ve seen thus far this thread. We can continue nominating and listing out names here - happy to assist someone in drafting an official proposal of names.

Things to consider:

  • How many moderators we should start with
  • Are these fixed terms/positions or some kind of system for revisiting/reviewing to see if any current moderators wish to retire and/or we wish to add more
  • For this to work, we want equal representation of all voices - different Guilds/Groups/Concords, different wallet-sizes, different forms of participation.

Also surprised no one has nominated 0xM3rl1n yet :wink:


I propose Dontfeedthewolf ! Thanks for your initiative and support of newcomers. I think you’re perfect for it!


Shouldn’t we wait for more submissions, or can we add names to the official proposal?

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King definitely should be one of the nominees.


I forget how the platform works with polls. If there are open ended options to continue adding as nominations are received then we can move to that sooner rather than later.

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Guild representation is important.

We should represent guild interests.


Definitely, we don’t have enough names and nominations yet!

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I’ll go ahead and nominate Merlin if he’s up for it


Nominate me, you need sanity in this world. These people you speak of, they are bewitched by the Hags and Detriti! MAKE WAGDIE GREAT AGAIN (I’m not orange!)


I’d like to nominate Balyan and Merlin. Plenty of other great candidates in NotBus, Popa, Angel, etc.

Josiah, King and Wolf would also make great picks but they seem plenty busy :smile:


I suggest timelines are unspecified and will be initially subject to routine votes of confidence. Initially, maybe every six weeks? If an overall vote of confidence does not pass for moderators then we will send back up for election.

We don’t want to get too specific with initial structure. Keep it agile and flexible and add in the necessary safeguards as we see fit?

Just my opinion, but appreciate any feedback or comments on this.


I propose Bus for representation of the Dark Blade guild in these matters.


Unless Darkblade suggests otherwise, then I stand by their proposed representative.