WIP 2: Audit Contract Squad

Develop a formalized contract review and approval system for community-based projects, providing a seal-of-approval indicating a level of safety for releases requiring wallet interactions.

As the community continues to grow and develop experiences using on-chain mechanics, security and trustworthiness will be paramount for widespread adoption. Without any authority to approve community-derived contracts, there is a significant vulnerability to malicious actors that will hinder growth and put participants at risk.

Organizing a community-driven board of developers and a seal-of-approval process will allow anyone working on a WAGDIE companion contract to have their work audited by trustworthy figures, allowing them to provide their experience to the community in full confidence. With such approval, inexperienced members of the community will have an easy method of understanding if a companion contract is safe to interact with, and will feel less hesitant in participating in community-developed efforts.

The following will be required to execute this proposal:

  • An organized panel of competent and trustworthy developers
  • Formalized submission platform for incoming project audits
  • Established audit guidelines, and review process of the panel
  • Officiated release method, providing on-chain seal-of-approval

These are the steps to accomplish this proposal:

  • Open nomination / voting process for panel of at least 4 auditors
    – Nominees have been defined as @0xG @0xfadedface @tenacity.eth @poof
  • Create new category within The Conclave for auditor communications
  • Define review and approval process among auditor panel
  • Establish on-chain seal-of-approval through auditor-controlled wallet
    – Register a recognizable ENS for auditor-controlled wallet [wagdiedev.eth]
    – Set up multi-sig requirement for mainnet deployments / interactions
    – Wallet may deploy community contracts once approved
  • Define contract submission instructions, and post them publicly on platforms

This time to implementation could be relatively quick. Provide 1 week from this proposal approval to elect the auditors, and then 2 weeks thereafter to execute the rest of the implementation. The contract submission and review process would remain open forever thereafter. Auditor panel reelection could happen every 3 months.

Once the joint auditor wallet has been established it will need seeding with a nominal amount of 0.5 ETH for various contract deployments, approvals and other establishment mechanics. Beyond this, individual Conclave proposals wishing to release contracts can have their additional funds sent directly to the auditor wallet for its process.

This is an inexpensive way to assure community safety as various proposals and independent projects attempt to provide value through on-chain contract interactions. Establishing a secure audit process and throughline to deployment will help provide a seal-of-approval that can offer an at-glance level of trust, which will help foster engagement for community-developed projects.

Proposal is live: Snapshot

Proposal Passed with For as the winning vote with:

  • 770 WAGDIE
  • Quorum 791/200

Results: Snapshot