WIP 4: Artist Panel / Shared Collection Contract

Develop a panel of talented and trusted artists within the WAGDIE community that will control a wagdiearts.eth address and deploy a special ERC-1155 contract that can house mints of panel-approved artworks to make available for sale under as an “official” derivatives collection shared by all artists within the project.

As more artists continue to create works based on the WAGDIE property, they are forced to mint their creations on their own collections, and garner their own audience for such releases. Creating a shared contract would provide a space for all artists to sell their derivative artworks within the community, find additional exposure for their works, and receive the monetary benefit of doing so. It would also look very cool as a unified collection housing so many different artists.

Deploying a collection of WAGDIE derivative arts shared by all artists within the community will provide a valuable companion collection to the project while also highlighting the works of talented community creators who might othewise go unnoticed.

Revenues generated through the wagdiearts.eth contract will compensate artists for their contributions to the community, as well as create a fund for additional commissions dictated by the wagdiearts.eth council, and provide royalty revenues to The Conclave.

The following will be required to execute this proposal:

  • An organized panel of talented and trustworthy artists
  • Formalized submission platform for incoming art evaluations
  • Deployment of a custom minting contract for the collection
    • Contract will be developed by @tenacity.eth and reviewed by audit panel
    • Includes minting approval for panel artists
    • Includes automatic split for primary sale revenued
    • Includes automatic split for secondary sale royalties

These are the steps to accomplish this proposal:

  • Open nomination / acceptance process for panel of at least 6 artists
  • Create new category within The Conclave for artist communications
  • Define review and approval process among artistic panel
  • Establish wallet for essential to operation of collection
    • Apply a recognizable ENS [wagdiearts.eth]
    • Set up multi-sig requirement for mainnet deployment of contract
  • Deploy custom minting contract with the following specifications
    • ERC-1155 for compatibility with editions and 1/1 pieces
    • Ability to add / remove approved wallets wallets for minting
    • Record artist wallet associated with each minted NFT
    • Automatic primary sale revenue split:
      • 85% to artist artist
      • 10% to wagdiearts.eth
      • 5% The Conclave
    • Automatic secondary royalty split:
      • 34% to artist wallet
      • 33% to wagdiearts.eth
      • 33% to The Conclave
  • Launch first artworks on the contract (determined by panel)
  • Announce program to the wider WAGDIE audience

Provide 1 week from this proposal to elect the artistic council, and then 2 weeks thereafter to execute the rest of the implementation, including deployment of the collection contract and the minting of the first (internally determined) artworks. The art submission and reveiew process would remain open forever thereafter. Artistic panel reelection should happen every 3 months.

Once the wagdiearts.eth wallet has been established it will need seeding with a nominal amount of 0.5 ETH for contract deployments, approvals, and other establishment mechanics as well as transfer fees for revenue relocation. Beyond this, royalties from the sales revenues will self-perpetuate the minting expenses and create a fund that can later be used to commission new arworks from the community, or fund potential showcase opportunities.

This is an inexpensive way to provide value to the artists within the community, create a new foundation for collectible art pieces within the WAGDIE ecosystem, unify various derivative creations under a shared umbrella, and generate revenues both for The Conclave and future artistic endeavors.


I love this and this is much needed as a singular home for all of our derivative / artist works ideally…

I would like for us to come up with election of artists to participate on this council

Namely top of mind is:
Rollinorama https://twitter.com/rama19886
Brenon https://twitter.com/brenon64
ROMbrandt https://twitter.com/evanodette
ArinaBBart https://twitter.com/Arinabbart
Josiah https://twitter.com/almostjosiah
ROLU https://twitter.com/rolu_art

This is just top of mind – know there are tons more. Would need to be people willing to spend some time on it as well.



Already have Conclave accounts, so they’ll get my second on the nomination.


This is a definite yes from me, let’s do it.


Great proposal! :clap:

I do have a question on royalties though.
AFAIU the split for the primary sales is:

And the split for the secondary sales is:

Shouldn’t the secondary sales also have a fraction for the original artist? I think it’s fair and should be in place - at least the smaller fraction. Like OG artist is benefiting the most from the primary sales and then the proportion is kinda being inverted, but there’s still a flow to the OG artist.
After all this is one of the very important things that NFTs are able to change in comparison to the trad secondary markets. Artists should have access to royalties for the lifetime.


So, I negated splitting the royalties on secondary sales to cut down on accounting and the overhead that comes with it. As someone who’s handled lifetime royalty payouts before, I’m very aware of how tedious it can all become and how much genuine bookkeeping is needed to keep track — compounded by the number of artists over time.

It becomes especially tiresome to manage it all when the revenues are down to single-digit dollars, but must be maintained due to the agreement. So, I suggest eschewing all of that, just for sake of simplicity and sanity.

If someone is willing to step into the program as an accountant to keep track of each artist’s cut of the secondary royalties in perpetuity, or the contract could be developed in such a way that it could be automatically distribute a fraction of the secondary royalty to the specific artist that created the piece that was minted on the contract, then I am in favor of changing the secondary split to incorporate the originating artists.

Perhaps the contract element is easier than I think, but it would need to happen at that level or it’s really not worth the efforts.


Yes ser, there’s a standard implementation for NFT royalties on all sold/re-sold events: EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard.
I didn’t deep dive into implementation details, but it should be doable for sure.


Would you be interested in spearheading the contract portion of this proposal, then?

Specifications would then be as follows:

  • ERC-1155 for compatibility with editions and 1/1 pieces
  • Ability to add / remove approved wallets wallets for minting
  • Record of artist wallet associated with each mint
  • Royalty split: 33% to Conclave, 33% to wagdiearts.eth, 34% to artist wallet

Is it also possible to have it automatically split primary revenues, as per the numbers outlined above?

  • 85% of primary revenues should go to original artist
  • 10% of primary revenues should go to wagdiearts.eth
  • 5% of primary revenues should go to The Conclave
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Ye, I’d be happy to drive the contract part. Probably, will ask our audit board a couple of questions, but I can handle it. The timeline for it is clear also.



I’ll make the adjustments an name you as contract author in an update tonight.


Updated with your suggestion.


Thank you for the proposal. Some merit provoking questions are:

  1. Is there adequate demand from within the community to purchase these works?

  2. How are the guidelines for art submissions evaluated? An interesting conversation piece for the Representatives regarding proposals for new collections was that it should further or expand the world of WAGDIE as opposed to simply “reskinning” what is already given. The former gives much more sustainability to WAGDIE while being, arguably, more innovative than the latter.

Since the overall cost is extremely low, I know there isn’t much risk at all inherent in executing this proposal but I want to mindful of the precedent it might set.

  1. Given the positive reception to the community fan arts seen during the Detriti saga and beyond, there is definitely an appetite for appreciating such artworks. I believe pooling them into a unified collection will help their desirability as tokens by virtue of the visibility / exclusivity the collection can provide, with a little bit of additional appeal brought by the status of the approval process.

  2. Those sort of guidelines would be determined by the artistic panel themselves, as outlined in the implementation phase (before we even get to contracting). The only emphasis this proposal lays out is that the unified collection is meant for artistic editions (like ArinaBBart, ROMbrandt, Rollinorama, etc) and not largescale or generative releases (like WAGDIE 3D).

As you say, it’s an extremely low-cost initiative but, to my estimation, ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of different folks. We’ll only know its true desirability once it’s in operation, but I’ve got good faith that it’s a got plausible opportunity for success.


I like this idea a lot and think this could
Be worth doing for the artist community but would want to set the expectations low due to how the market is received and how wagdie is going on that front.

How would the price/value or mint price be set. Would we do an auction or bidding? Would the artist set the mint price or would the panel vote on it?

As part of the merchants guild I support this, I myself am not an artist but those @poof mentioned I support as well for a start and also have a brush to help or offer myself as part of a panel as I can also see benefit or collaboration to having my minted art be out on an article of clothing or merch of sorts


I agree the cost is low. I would also remind that 30% of profits would be going back to the community treasury so this proposal has a chance to pay for itself. And honestly with all the proposals coming in we could use some revenue generation.

Alternatively to simply just derivative art, which is amazing… I would love to see maybe an item shop or something created… basically something that services the communities needs for expanding their characters, lore, and story.

Companions. Alternate versions of their char for creating storylines like Merlin does. Their character in different poses with other characters; with items different outfits etc.

Possibilities are endless. Would require a a system of setting up commissions and such but yeah.

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I’d suggest letting the individual artists set their own prices at the time of their submission to the panel for approval / mint. Some guidelines could be given, but I don’t see any reason to demand standardization or conformity.

People define their own values.
If it sells, it sells. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

No sweat to the program either way.


There is an item shop concept in @0xthriving’s proposal for WAGDIE Quest.

That could probably be evolved into something a little more substantial and offer utility across multiple community projects, but would need some definition and foresight.

For this proposal, I’d like to see it remain focused on the art and artists. No necessary utility.


I would love to see things like companions or weapons or some form of secondary art. Maybe could even be used for tournaments and such id someone wants to flex?


i love this idea ****

and totally wanna help haha


Down to help in anyway I can🫡