6th Conclave Representative Election

my pfp makes me sad :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I nominate @lilhuhu a returning member of the community.

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I accept my nomination


If anyone nominated me I accept.

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I nominate @dev … errr I mean @TheGoldenEel

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I nominate/second:

@ M3RL1N
@ PrinceHamDoe
@ Icculus
(Had to remove a couple of tags to get the post through)

+Others I may have missed.

More than ever before I think if people are willing, able and immersed then they should have chance to stand for this coming 12 week period.

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I accept my nominations. I had fun being a rep this term wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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gotta sit out. been crazy busy lately & at least for a few months more :confused:

Hopefully good busy!

Thread closed.
Vote is now live: Snapshot