6th Conclave Representative Election

To keep up with the theme of WIP 0, these Conclave Term Elections shall NOT have a WIP#


A Proposals for (6) community members to be appointed Conclave Representatives, from the total nominated. For the Fifth Term of (12) weeks, at which point the community may revisit this proposal to add/remove/renew Conclave Representatives.

REMINDER: Top (6) Will be elected, there is no additional benefit to only voting for (1), and it is suggested each voter choose (6).

Quick Overview of Trust Users & Structure:

  • T0 users can write Proposal Ideas in General.
  • T1 & above can submit New Proposals (Drafts)
  • T4 users, Conclave Representatives aid in the support of moving New Proposals into Final Proposals.

Final Proposals that go live, come back to the community for voting.


The goal of this forum is to conduct decentralized generation of WIPs for the Community Treasury, and this election process and 6-week terms continually combat centralization.


WAGDIE’s licensing is CC0, and the community shares a role in writing the story. This proposal for community appointed representatives aligns The Conclave with these ideals.

Key Terms

WIP: Wagdie Idea Proposal

Conclave Representative: Trust Level 4 (T4) users that guide New Proposals into Final Proposals for Live Voting.

Representative Responsibilities

  • Hold signor authority for Conclave Gnosis Safe: 0xa4aAFeCCCCBE6FcEb304d8e1dCA3ce7aF66ba3Ce

  • Meet regularly with other representatives to discuss active and potential Wagdie Idea Proposals (WIP)

  • Choose a community member to receive a Conclave Bell at the conclusion of term

Representative Rewards

  • Conclave Bell at the conclusion of term

  • $100 in USDC at the conclusion of term

List of Nominees

This space will be updated with the list of nominees as nominations close at 11:59 PM EST on Jan 13, 2023.


Individuals are nominated by the community and seconded to confirm nomination within the forum at conclave.fateofwagdie.com.

This shall remain documented herein.


Initial proposal and nomination open β€” Feb 22, 2023
Nominations close β€” Feb 24, 2023
Voting opens β€” Feb 24, 2023
Voting closes and representatives confirmed β€” Feb 27, 2023

Overall Cost

This proposal requires $600 of funding.

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I nominate @M3RL1N because shadow wizard money gang.


I nominate @PrinceHamDoe, @LostCowboy, @brennen_eth @Coldworld and @josiah.peace

I decline my nomination and nominate @pandira @mugogi and @Coldworld

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12 weeks now!

The timing is a bit delayed already, it seems. At least β€œNominations close” update would be helpful.

@Icculus runs on his own time.
I’d assume pay no heed.

I nominate @Cisab, Iidabashi metro and @tenacity.eth


I nominate


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sigh… I thought I was gonna get overlooked and be able to skip this again…

I Accept

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I nominate @dashlamb


I accept. I nominate @dashlamb


I nominate @KingOffling

I nominate

King off
Prince ham
Cold War

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I second Iidabashi; his voice has never been heard :eyes:


I accept @josiah.peace



Edit: Thanks @Coldworld for the nomination :sunglasses:, but I’ll decline before I get a 2nd.

I accept the nomination.

In the Discord server I asked about who was interested in serving the next term but did not receive a response. After looking through this thread, I will provide a second nomination to @Cisab and @tenacity.eth.


I nominate @TheGoldenEel

Thanks for the nominations, but I’ll decline since timezone problem and I’m poor in communication.

and I want to nominate @brenon @LostCowboy @pandira if I can.

I accept and I second everyone above, especially dashlamb