Buying the Late Entitez's WAGDIE + Naming the Amalgam

Buying the Late Entitez's WAGDIE

:skull: Abstract |

Buying all of the WAGDIE assets of a late WAGDIE community member to provide financial support to his family and naming the Amalgam to honor him.

:skull: Motivation |

On 1/18, it was revealed that โ€œEntitezโ€ had passed away recently in an automobile accident. He is survived by members of his immediate family who have set up a trust for his daughter. By arranging a liquidation of his WAGDIE assets, we can retain memory of his involvement within the project as well as provide substantial financial support toward his daughterโ€™s fund.

:skull: Rationale |

Entitez was an early and committed member of the WAGDIE community, engaging in numerous narrative quests, aiding in the development of community initiatives and creating remarkable stories of his own. He attended the live event during NFT NYC 2022 where a handful of us were blessed to meet him in person. Of particular note, on June 18th, Entitez single handily launched, a community marketplace with zero trading fees.

This proposal is a way for us to thank and commemorate him while providing IRL support to his loved ones who remain.

:skull: Specifications |

Acquire all of the WAGDIE assets in his primary wallet,, for 2 eth. At the time of this post, it contains 9 WAGDIE and 4 Tokens of Concord.

All other acquired WAGDIE will be held by the community wallet and will be accessible for use for all future initiatives.

The Amalgam, token #70, will be named Enti on fateofwagdie after him. He was very much fond of it as exhibited here:

:skull: Steps to Implement |

  • Entitezโ€™s brother will send all WAGDIE assets in the wallet 0x45A7e12580399b703f27eBa4a345C2A93e3E608B to fateofwagdie.eth

  • Conclave Representatives will transfer 2eth to wallet address 0x45A7e12580399b703f27eBa4a345C2A93e3E608B

  • Fateofwagdie token #70 character sheet to be updated with the name, Enti.

:skull: Timeline | ASAP

:skull: Overal Cost |

2 eth.

CONCLUSION An opportunity to honor the late Entitez while providing financial support to his family.

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All for this, but how do you see it working now that Brennen has purchased 3 of the wagdie, including Korrus?

I like the idea of either doing a metadata update of one wagdie to become Hipparchus, or renaming the Amalgam (one or both).

My favorite idea for memorials is:

  • Create a Hall of Legends on the staking contract
  • Get devs to update their primary pfp to a statue
  • Stake the token to the location, and lock the door

This services the current situation, as well as others that may come.
Unfortunately, Enti is not the only death within the community, nor the last.

As for buying the tokens, Iโ€™d want to see some due diligence in terms of where the money goes, legal rights to estate, and the other validations that Drako has offered for review.

I believe this situation is genuine, but without such gatechecks, this proposal could set a precedent that malicious actors could exploit in the future.

Yes, itโ€™s cynical to think such things, but web3 has some awful people in it and Iโ€™d be twice-heartbroken if this communityโ€™s upstandishness was exploited for liquidity.

I donโ€™t mind the 2 ETH spend.

However, the idea of the tokens sitting in the conclave wallet collecting dust, or to be argued over in future proposal discussions doesnโ€™t sit quite right with me.

So, Iโ€™d like to suggest another alternative โ€” Send them to wagdie.eth

The dev wallet isnโ€™t bare yet, but itโ€™s gotten quite a bit lighter in terms of NPC fodder.
Stocking Entiโ€™s tokens would put it back to where it was after the Grand Tournament.

I really like the idea of them being used for everyoneโ€™s enjoyment through the central WAGDIE experience, and providing the devs more tools to work with to create content.


Really sorry to hear about this, Entitez was an OG. I am a fan of the approach King outlined above. I donโ€™t mind the 2 ETH spend either, but perhaps a gofundme or a donation page would be more appropriate? We have some pretty generous folks in this community, I could see a world where a donation page goes over 2 ETH.

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I like these thoughts and idea of having it go to wagdie.eth

I donโ€™t disagree with this but that might be more so left up to the immediate family. I would think

I think the point of this is to raise money for his daughters fund:

If we canโ€™t share a link to this fund for privacy reasons then Iโ€™m suggesting a donation page that ultimately goes to this fund. Letโ€™s donate the 2 ETH but allow for individual donations (if possible) to increase support.

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Iโ€™d rather have spare WAGDIEs for the community to readily utilize as that has been a longstanding factor talked about in several outreach initiatives. Not a deal breaker in the slightest but itโ€™s also not as if the main account has been especially active in utilizing its WAGDIE especially as of lateโ€ฆ

Summary Feedback from Jan 23 Meeting:

  • The Two are working on an official memorial
  • 2 ETH spend or USDC equivalent has been widely accepted
  • An OTC purchase / trade with Darko is suggested to avoid fees
  • Some have voiced preference for tokens going to wagdie.eth
  • @ColdWorld will help fascilitate communication / process of transaction

Please re-write your proposal however you see fit.
Notify when finished, and we will move it to voting.


I object to all of these. also itโ€™s three proposalโ€™s in one!