Mint New "Obsidian Blade" ToCs


Mint 3x Obsidian Blade Tokens of Concord for WAGDIE community larpers.


Obsidian Blades are some of the most sparse ToCs but perhaps mores elusive were the manner by which they were obtained/gifted. Increasing the amount usable by committed larpers of the community in an earned context will empower the few of us left to continue creating and customizing our unique WAGDIE experience.


The proposed number is 3 to align with the quantity of the second rarest β€œopen opportunity” ToC, Glutton Soup. This measured increase maintains the general rarity value of the ToC while opening up ownership opportunities to committed WAGDIE members. The ToC itself has no discrete history of financial exchange on the blockchain either which mitigates questions about those who may have acquired it at a high price point. Other ToCs (Crow’s Talon, Field Notes, and Conclave Bell) have been reminted and sent out so no new precedent would be set by this proposal’s enactment.


Dev team will mint 3 more Obsidian Blade ToCs.

One will be sent to 0x28Dca5fF7Ac78BAB442C04Bc8fBbF9c768B125c9

Prospective larpers who voice their desire to receive one of the remaining two will complete a short questionnaire, which will be discussed publicly on community podcast spaces, WAGDIE Weekly. Holders will then be able to vote on who ultimately receives it.


ASAP when proposal passes.


Cost of minting and airdropping three NFTs which should be in the ballpark of $10 to $15. I will happily send the amount in ETH or USDC to wagdie.eth or other indicated account.


In a holistic perspective, WAGDIE has always been an expectation free experience for the community. Though we find ourselves much smaller and intimate as time passes, there are still a myriad of unique ways in which we can enjoy the benefits of being such. Minting three more of ToCs to enjoy is a perfect way for long time, committed members to continue experiencing such enjoyment. Thank you for taking the time to read!

Reps push this to vote so I can vote no please.


Heya Reps, can we push this to a vote? :pray: