WAGDIE Originals Project [ YouTube ]


An initiative to collect and curate WAGDIE’s original content: episodic spaces and narrative drops on YouTube.


  1. To preserve the mainline lore and its long winding sequence of events in purest form.

  2. Increase viewer exposure and ease of access through curation on YouTube.


A year ago, I started a YouTube channel to showcase the rich audio-visual creations of the WAGDIE Project. The original narrative drops posted by the main account comprised a good part of this initiative.

With the bull, I wish to restart this process to preserve the entire narrative of the WAGDIE project in its purest form. Hosting the videos on YouTube allows for much more exposure and access than on Twitter and facilitates content digestion much more efficiently for newcomers or chronic Stalwart Researchers like myself.


WAGDIE is coming up on two years now so there is a deep well of content to mine for. Work will begin as soon as the proposal passes with a goal minimum of one WAGDIE Originals video per week.

From Gregor’s First Meeting, the Trial of the Crow, Saga of the Festival Tournament, Molten Lands of Turlo, Ritual of Detriti, Battle of Her Church, Path of the Burrows, Advent of the World Maker, Journey to the Southern Plains, The Mysterious Corpse and Plague of the Headless, The Glutton and Astaroth and Goldbeard’s Challenge, I expect there will be well over 50 videos to catch up to where the narrative is today, March 14th, 2024.


I am asking for .8 ETH to cover the labor of this committed endeavor, a process that includes harvesting all the content, crafting individual thumbnails images, and creating imaginative AI assisted art to accompany the audio exclusive episodic spaces.


Let’s preserve and properly showcase the rich narrative productions of the WAGDIE Project. Thank you for taking the time to read!