About the Start Here category

Since WAGDIE (We are All Going to Die)'s Contract on June 3rd, 2022 participants around the globe have been united through the interactive lore-based world.

Although WAGDIE started out as a free mint with no discord and no roadmap, since then it has birthed many community achievements:

  • Multiple Community Websites & Tools
  • Regular Twitter Spaces
  • Guilds
  • NYC Meetup

*Full list in Recapping Achievements

This Discourse is an open forum for all key discussions and future goals of the project. For the Community, by the Community.

Authors submit WIP (Wagdie Idea Proposals) for the community to openly discuss. Conclave Representatives (appointed by the community) aid in the support of New Proposals becoming Final Proposals. Final Proposals go to live Snapshot voting, returning power back to the community.

Key Terms:

  • WAGDIE Improvement Proposals (WIP) is the term for proposals submitted and vetted by the community through a transparent discourse and process for ideas on how to best allocate the community β€˜treasury.’
  • Conclave Representatives are community appointed T4 Users who aid in the support of moving New Proposals to Final Proposals.

Our Welcome to Discourse dives further into depth about how to navigate the forum, engage in general discourse as well as submit proposals.