Welcome to Discourse

Welcome to WAGDIE Discourse!

Since the inception of We are All Going to Die we’ve witnessed a community of creators and builders come together under a single banner and offer their services to enhance the narrative, document, and share it with others.

The goal of this discourse is to steward the growth and development of WAGDIE in a fair and inclusive way. There will be a Community Treasury and this forum will serve as a place where we can come together to create and share proposals on how to best allocate these funds. Although the forum is open to everyone, the final voting process will be restricted to token holders. To achieve our goals it is imperative that we all participate in idea submission, commentary, proposal submission and vote.

Why Discourse

Discourse is an open source discussion platform where WAGDIE community members can discuss Wagdie Improvement Proposal (WIP) ideas. Transparent discussion gives WIP authors a chance to incorporate community feedback and ensure their idea is in line with community value and goals.


Categories help us to keep discussions about WIP ideas organized. The follow categories are available:
  1. General - General discourse, open to all. Anyone can open threads here and share discourse about WAGDIE and the community, brainstorm proposals and ideas.

  2. New Proposal Discussion - Proposals for how the funds can best be utilized, open to all to submit. All ideas are welcome here, this allows full transparency and equal opportunity for all before an idea becomes a Final Proposal. (The only purpose of this vetting process is to curate content and maintain full participation by the community, too many proposals and voting drops off - there will be no gatekeeping).

  3. Final Proposal Discussion - Proposals that meet criteria and are approved by the Conclave Representatives (approved and appointed by the community & team) will end up here as they go live into Snapshot voting.

If you are unsure of which category to post in, simply submit your post to General and a moderator will help categorize it.

Trust Levels

Discourse has a trust system where users can, over time, earn the trust of the community and gain abilities to assist in governing their community.

Discourse is designed to offer safe defaults for public communities, even with no active moderation.

0 (new)β†’ 1 (basic) β†’ 2 (member) β†’ 3 (regular) β†’ 4 (leader)

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone’s safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot…

  • post more than 2 hyperlinks
  • post any images or file attachments
  • send private messages
  • flag posts or topics
  • have actual links in the β€œabout me” of their profile
  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Virtually every action a user can take is rate-limited for safety, and especially so for new users. But don’t worry new users can transition to trust level 1 in about 15 minutes.

Trust levels 1-3 can be earned by Forum Participation. Trust Level 4/T4 can only be appointed, this position is reserved for our Conclave Represenatives

Proposal Process

Discourse is used for idea generation, community discussion, and the preparation of the WIP Draft. A brief description of the process is below. See the Proposal Template for further details.

  • New Proposal Discussions can be submitted by anyone with Trust Level 1 and above. T4 Users aka Conclave Representatives will be appointed by the community and tasked with the review of these proposals.
  • Once the topic is closed, a moderator will message the author of the Topic directly in Discourse to put together the Final Proposal Draft.
  • Moderators will update the community on the status of the Topics in the comments after the Topic is closed.
  • Approved WIPs will be re-released as a Final Proposal Category and placed on Snapshot for vote.

Voting Process

All Live WIPs will be posted on Snapshot for vote at Official WAGDIE Snapshot. A summary of the voting process can be found below.

  • Date/Time will be chosen for when all WIPs close and go into vote, it will be regularly scheduled for fairness to all and equal opportunity.
  • Prior to the Snapshot going live there will be time granted for members to delegate votes & prepare their tokens.

Where to Start

  • Read the topics from the home page
  • Engage with other WAGDIE members by replying to the comments
  • Submit an idea by clicking + New Topic from the home page, and select the category you best see fit.

Hello? the halls echo


Damnit, thought I was first!


Heard you from the other end of the Conclave. Nice digs around here.


This is amazing. Can’t wait to see where we go!


Hello all
Glad to be here


As the Conclave opens, a calming realization rushes over me. Indeed, we are all going to die. But first, we are all going to build.


Wow, it’s cool! We are all here