Draft Proposal: Burn Event for the Distribution of the Amalgam WAGDIE

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Thank you @Hogo for the submission. I do NOT want to discourage any ideas for the Amalgam with future proposals. For now I have closed this Proposal idea, I think @M3RL1N stated it best:


This just rewards those with deep pockets. Burn is great but needs to be mechanism and value behind it… Burn token A to get token B and thus increase value of both sets. Burning 100 dollar tokens just to play a single round of a game and will get old fast and only rewards those with deep pockets. Probably a lot of this reflects the current floor price because you are only engaging those who have that type of liquidity to burn versus some who maybe were interested in participating but decided not to because of the continuous burning with no reward.

Encourage you to check the history/learn more about WAGDIE before making such assumptions. Participation in events where death is possible has led to receiving new tokens, Tokens of Concord , which are limited items only attained through those events.

The tokens also have 1for1 voting power in the Conclave, aside from the earliest Her Ember (2 votes for 1 token) and Flame of 21 (3 votes for 1)… given to the first sacrifices and burns before we knew rewards/tokens existed (dating back to June).

Here is an intro from the Wiki Introduction | WAGDIE Wiki

Here is a recent paper on current events, mechanics and how things work… including risk/reward for participating in events: WAGDIE (Mechanics) β€” dontfeedthewolf.eth

That is speculation/assumption and again would dyor, more research before making such claims.

Also this topic was specifically related to what to do with the Amalgam in our treasury and was meant to be closed. Happy to continuous this conversation in the Library Discord: discord.gg/wagdie or feel free to start up a more general thread in conclave/read the topics and engage.

Happy you are here @MacSega