WIP 6: WAGDIE QUEST - Events System

WAGDIE QUEST - Events System

:skull: ABSTRACT

The WAGDIE Quest Events System is a story driven community event system where we’ll regularly run PVE quests hosted on social media via Twitter to expand the lore and community interaction of the WAGDIE universe. Participants will be able to put up their WAGDIE’s to go on pre-scheduled quests with others by sending them to the WAGDIE Inn Multisig (0xThriving, 0xG, KingOffling). If successful, WAGDIE questers can earn rewards - but if they fail, they risk death!

The system is the PVE expansion of the WAGDIE Fight (Bald Burner vs. Bald Savior), and Tournament of Death that 0XThriving organized and put out in the last few weeks. Events are operated via on-chain dice rolls and decisions by the participants, and are carried out visually and with links to the rolls on Twitter by the host 0xThriving.

The first WAGDIE Quest was a success and positively reviewed by participants and viewers, and also gave us great feedback that will be incorporated into future quests to make them better!

The proposal will cover elements that may be created depending on the level of funding that include:

  • Hosting of multiple events with entry fee that goes to future quest rewards (revenue source)
  • Creation of a self-sustaining, open source system for this content
  • Build an item store system for these events (revenue source)
  • Live streaming of events + tools to put on a live stream of future events
  • Creation of WAGDICE.com → on-chain dice rolling tool for wagdie + these events
  • Creation of a simple image generator to make quests higher quality, faster to deliver


This system creates engaging content for participants and the broader WAGDIE community, and creates deeper stakes and interaction within the WAGDIE universe. As a WAGDIE owner, you get to see or imagine yourself as being a part of the content and universe in WAGDIE.

WAGDIE Quest ultimately aims to deliver more entertainment via story telling and events, and be demonstrative to the community and outsiders looking into WAGDIE as to why the community driven approach WAGDIE has taken is so powerful.

The goal will be to create a self-sustaining, open source system that the community can use to generate quest content, and that can persist and evolve with the community.


There are three huge parts of WAGDIE that are combined to make this an effective project for the Conclave to support:

  • Storytelling - WAGDIE captivates the community by pushing forward content. Quests allow the community to be even more involved in their story.
  • Community - WAGDIE empowers the community to build the world. This is an explicit aim of this project - to build out a piece of the world’s story.
  • On-chain - WAGDIE pushes forward the power of ownership with concords + burning mechanics. Quest offers similar mechanics with requiring WAGDIEs risk death for on-chain rewards.


We’ll run ~3-5 events using this new system as we leverage those events to build out the system further and iterate with the community.

This system has 3 parts:

  • Quest content - the specific events you can face in a quest and story + game deisgn behind it.
  • Combat content - the characters, enemies, and combat system.
  • Live events - putting on the events requires some live production, iteration, asset building, and storytelling.

Example version of the first quest content (v2 - still iterating before launch)

The quests themselves will be designed iteratively - the first one has been implemented and had positive reception. Future quests will be changed, improved, and iterated on based on results from the previous quests in each of the above areas.

The high level objective of the quests from a design perspective will be:

  • Risk/reward → give some amount of risk of WAGDIE participants dying, but reward for them succeeding
  • Choice → give some choice in the events and how they playout
  • RNG → on-chain rolls create variability and excitement
  • Storytelling → create fun story moments that are entertaining and expand the universe and character development

Revenue generation back to WAGDIE INN (for prizes)

  • We will create revenue streams that can contribute back to the Wagdie Inn to help facilitate future rewards and create a self sustaining economy:
    • Small participation fee (~0.03 eth) to be a part of the quest or fight
    • Selling items (i.e. health potions) via an NFT collection “shop”. (ex: potions, armor, consumables)
    • WAGDIEs who would die have a 50% chance to burn, 50% chance to be ‘captured’ and put into prize pool

From an economics perspective:

  • We’ll aim for each quest, participants will risk losing their WAGDIE, but gain chance for reward - this will be as close to expected value neutral as possible, but will likely be a slight cost for participating to make the risk/reward work
  • Initial rewards will be funded partially by the contributions of this proposal, but our aim will be for a self sufficient system that can exist off of revenue + community donations.
  • The main goal of this is to produce value in the form of community engagement + content


If we fund the larger commitments, we also will ‘open source’ this by the end of the events by putting together the content in a format that is replicable, and with detailed guides + instructions for people who would want to run their own quests in the future. The goal of this is that we’ll have a system we can continue to leverage as a community to create more content and engagement.

The end deliverable of this will be a set of documents and tools that explain and facilitate creation of the three pieces of the system mentioned above (quest / combat / live events).

These events will be live hosted on Spaces, but if we fund larger commitments, we’ll take the extra steps necessary to host them live on Twitch or a website (which will be more viable because of tools development). Regardless, we’ll be aiming to make following the content as easy and engaging as possible, and will provide assets and documentation on how to host live events.


The current hosting of events is incredibly manual given no tools have been made for on-chain rolling or updating images around results of quest choices or rolls. To facilitate higher quality, faster, and more accessible quest. creation, if we fund the higher commitment we’ll develop two tools:

  1. WAGDICE - hosted on wagdice.com will be an on-chain dice rolling system that anyone with a WAGDIE token can use. It will be used as the source of truth in these quest and fight events, but will also be made in a way that it could be used for any WAGDIE related dice rolls. (It will have flexible ability to roll multiple dice and flexible sides of dice etc.). I’ll build the spec and be the product owner for this, and will partner with a web3 developer from the community (likely through Poof) to develop and launch the tool.‎. (This tool concept is a direct result of feedback from the community, Poof, based on the first fights)
  2. QUEST IMAGE GENERATOR and/or LIVE WEBSITE - this will be a simple user interface that allows us to setup quest scenarios and parties, and then update them with results automatically with a click of a button. It will dramatically reduce the overhead of making quests, increase the quality of the experience of participating/watching, and make them more accessible to others. (This tool concept is a direct result of feedback from the community based on the first quest)

0xThriving’s experience is in product management and development, and we have some members of the community with strong connections around web3 development, so we have high confidence we can execute in building these relatively simple apps quickly.

Poof is helping facilitate development of Wagdice, and 0xG has offered to take on development of the Quest Website if funding is approved.

In fact, 0xG already started prototyping the system:


We have already run the first quest! The process for designing the content and running the events is quite manual, but proven out by the success of these past events - and we now have data points to improve it.

I’ll also be getting input and feedback from the community - both via a feedback form, and a content idea submission form after each battle. So the content will be able to be designed with community inputs.

:skull: TIMELINE

We’ll continue running events in August as soon as this is approved, and we’ll aim to run an event weekly depending on personal schedule + WAGDIE schedule.

We’ll aim to develop tools that are funded in the first ~2 weeks so they can have the most impact possible on quests we run. We’ll plan to release the open source quest guide in 4-8 weeks.


Community prizes - Based on initial design + feedback from the community, we’d like to have a small prize purse to pull from funded by the conclave to help kick-off the next 1-3 quests - but the primary goal will be for the quest program to become self sufficient, with revenue share going back to WAGDIE INN for future prizes.

Design time, content, and system building - Regardless of the outcome, I will likely do a handful of one-off events on my own as I enjoy creating them (like I did with the WAGDIE Tournament and Bald Burner fight). But given the time that goes into planning and running them, to build out a more substantive offering I’m asking for some budget to pay for my time. The amount I’m proposing to pay me for me designing and hosting the events is based on the amount of time I feel it will take to complete these, and the amount that will motivate me to deliver something great for the community.

Tool development - Lastly, if we fund the larger commitment to build the tools, I think we’ll be able to develop both the Dice and Image tools/website for $3-6k depending on quality we aim for and speed of development partner we choose to work with.

Voting Options:

A) $0 → No commitment for events

  • But likely a few over time with light prizes

B) $4k → 2 Conclave Sponsored Quests, Item Shop

  • EVENTS HOSTED: 2 Conclave Sponsored Quest lines + Future community quests
  • COMMUNITY PRIZES: $1k in prizes to initially fund sponsored quests
  • ITEM SHOP: Build out a Quest/Fight item shop with revenue generation
  • REVENUE 30% to treasury, 30% to WAGDIE INN for prizes, 40% to content host for time

C) $8k → 3 Conclave Sponsored Quests + Future community quests, Item shop, Open source tools for community hosting

  • EVENTS HOSTED: 3 Conclave Sponsored Quest lines + Future community quests
  • COMMUNITY PRIZES: $2k in prizes to initially fund sponsored quests
  • ITEM SHOP: Build out a Quest/Fight item shop with revenue generation
  • OPEN SOURCE QUESTS SYSTEM + HOSTING GUIDE: Building out and Open sourcing the content system/tools/guides for community to host events
  • REVENUE 30% to treasury, 40% to WAGDIE INN for prizes, 30% to content host for time

D) $14k → 3 Conclave Sponsored Quests + Future community quests, Item shop, Open source tools for community hosting, Live stream events, Development of WAGDICE + Quest Image Generator

  • EVENTS HOSTED: 3 Conclave Sponsored Quest lines + Future community quests
  • COMMUNITY PRIZES: $2k in prizes to initially fund sponsored quests
  • ITEM SHOP: Build out a Quest/Fight item shop with revenue generation
  • OPEN SOURCE QUESTS SYSTEM + HOSTING GUIDE: Building out and Open sourcing the content system/tools/guides for community to host events
  • TWITCH STREAMING OR LIVE WEBSITE FOR EVENTS: Coordinate the live streaming of events + enable system to be easily viewed via live broadcast to increase accessibility and drive more excitement around audience participation.
  • WAGDICE DEVELOPMENT: Develop a tool to make on-chain dice rolling (Polygon) easy for Quests, Battles, or other WAGDIE uses. WAGDICE.com deliverable for open use
  • QUEST IMAGE GENERATOR DEVELOPMENT: Develop a tool to make images + HP automatically to facilitate higher quality, quicker, more accessible quest live shows
  • REVENUE 30% to treasury, 50% to WAGDIE INN for prizes, 20% to content host for time

Revenue generation to Treasury, WAGDIE INN (for prizes), and Content Host

We will create revenue streams that can contribute back to the Wagdie Inn to help facilitate future rewards and create a self sustaining economy:

  • Small participation fee (~0.03 eth) to be a part of the quest or fight
  • Selling items (i.e. health potions) via an NFT collection “shop”. (ex: potions, armor, consumables)
  • WAGDIEs who would die have a 50% chance to burn, 50% chance to be ‘captured’ and put into prize pool
  • 30% of revenue generated will go to Conclave. Remainder will be split between WAGDIE INN for prizes and content host


  • Newcomer’s Inn Multi-sig for prizes (0xThriving, 0xG, King Offling): 0xbC0Ef90E869a142D078554877998fF2bAF310123
  • Wallet for Dungeon Master (0xThriving): 0x8e5782C333ff9fe3742C4907d98df6b1Fa546822

Definitely think this is a good proposal, everyone enjoys these and allocating some funds to help the host and fund the events is a great idea.

Talk to 0xThriving semi-regularly and is a super nice person and I’m confident they can deliver exactly what they promise if not more!

Not only will this be fun but it’ll also help build out a framework for how we should handle future projects that can implement ideas that were successful or liked with this.


I personally like this proposal and believe it can attract more eyes to the overall community.


Glad you like it - and agree, I think the nature of the content shows really well to those outside the community looking in! I also think there could be ways to incorporate other communities/NFT’s into the story telling here in a way that gets visibility in other communities :slight_smile:


I am definitely a fan of these events and looking forward to this upcoming Friday.

However, I would love to see a system that generates revenue, if possible, so money is going back to the treasury. Or factoring in a system that maybe requires funding upfront but has potential to become self-sustainable.

Also curious on a transparent breakdown of costs associated with this and how the money for hosting was found.

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Love that - I definitely think it would be great for this to generate revenue. I see two possible ways to generate revenue that I talk a little about in the Specifications section:

  1. Entry fees → ask for a ~.03 eth fee for joining
  2. Store items → sell items that could be used in these events

The items I’ve designed so far would include things like potions, armor that saves you from being burned, swords that give you bonus dmg on rolls. I also have ideas for challenge tokens if you want to run a hosted WAGDIE battle, automaton if you want to send a robot in place of your WAGDIE (so people can “use” their PFP in quest or battle without risking it or leaving wallet), and badges that could let you guarantee entry in the next fight or quest.

Would love feedback on any of that thinking!

I currently plan on fleshing out the store if we do the larger commitment, as that will take more time + art to execute and manage.

RE: cost:

  • I calculated the cost we’d need for prizes for each event to raise stakes and make the risk/reward worth it at about 0.5 eth to set the baseline of what we need for rewards - this was a pretty data driven thing coupled with the game design aspect of these quests
  • I then estimated the hours needed to design/iterate, prepare, and execute events and compared that to the total cost of rewards and thinking through what would be ‘reasonable’ for my time
  • I ended up settling at 50% rewards and 50% for hosting - partially based on what I thought was ‘reasonable’ for my time and partially based on what I felt was motivating to me personally for the effort.

Let me know if you have questions or thoughts!

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I generally like this and have had a ton of fun participating…

Can we have an option to include some development costs to make the process more turn key? Ideally with some level of integration in whatever 0xG or others are working on.

I don’t want to over-determine it, but simple tools like a dice roller that works on polygon I think could be good to have specced out…

Put another way: what’s the on chain D&D toolset that would help you run these? Let’s add that as an option with costs.


I like this. Polygon, Immutable X, there are definitely some great options out there that utilize ETH’s security but without the heavy payload of gas.

Yep. Polygon is the easiest and cheapest with consistent capabilities / EVM you’re used to on ETH. Little polygon dice roller or map grid tools would be helpful.

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Anyway we can make this open enough for anyone to make quests using this tech? We pay for the development and the instructions on how to build the quests, but we don’t need to pay you for putting them on everytime.


It would be lovely to turn this into something more collective and cooperative thing like making community members propose their own quest ideas and voting those ideas and reward the ones who has been choosen.


@poof @brennen_eth @Balyan @Dontfeedthewolf @KingOffling
Thanks for the feedback!!

Gonna work on some adjustments based on feedback/convo’s with y’all:

  • Change focus from 1/2/3 months of event content to X/Y/Z deliverables
  • Deliverables will include:
    1. WAGDICE - Developing an on-chain dice roller WAGDICE for community + these events. (between my product background and Poof’s tech connections we can do this!)
    2. OPEN SOURCE EVENT SYSTEM - Open sourcing the content system so anyone can use / put on events, and events are revenue generating for conclave
    3. ITEM SHOP - Building out a store economy where 50% of revenue goes to conclave
    4. HOSTED EVENTS - Some events that I host to fine-tune the system, and create content for the next month or two

Stay tuned!


Love it! thanks for those considerations :slight_smile:

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The burner vs. savior and the Tournament of Death were the most entertaining community made events to date. I didn’t participate in the tourney, but we had some great play-by-play commentary making it entertaining for all in spaces. The flavor text on each hit went a long way too.

From a bystander’s perspective, I still think the way the info is presented could use some work. It was a bit cumbersome to have to repeatedly refresh the twitter feed for updates, keep the updated bracket open in another tab, pin updates to the spaces, etc.

I don’t have a great answer for this, but I think it’s important to consider the viewer for these live events. One suggestion I had was a twitch stream or even a discord room with a shared screen. I think a little could go a long way here. I’d be happy with a screen of someone refreshing the twitter feed.


Glad to see this proposal develop. I had similar thoughts to some of you having read the opening post:

  • Is there a revenue opportunity?
  • How can we keep @0xthriving motivated to pursue something like this without such a large treasury outlay.
  • Option D proposed takes more than 10% of the treasury for a 3 month timeline, so would need to create a massive impact, in my opinion.

On that last point, I think this proposal should be refined and revised following this week’s first attempt. My fear is that it plays to a small, already committed WAGDIE audience rather than having broad appeal/attracting newbies.

Potentially evidenced by this week’s Quest not yet being subscribed (with just 8 slots).

Don’t want this to sound negative, I love the idea, the interactive nature, the integration with WAGDIE. I was all for it until the funding request part and timescales which made me question the ROI.


The proposal has been updated to include feedback from everyone!

In addition to creating the hosted events/content, proposal is now focused much more on:

  • Creating a self-sustaining content system more of the community can use in future or that we can fund via conclave if we choose
  • Creating revenue streams via entry events + an item shop
  • Making a WAGDICE on-chain rolling tool for these events and all of WAGDIE (thanks poof for helping think through this!)
  • Live streaming via twitch to make the events more approachable/engaging

I shifted some of the time I would have spent making more events myself into building out some of the systems, the dice tool, the item shop, and the live streaming aspect - trying to make this more of an asset to WAGDIE so future content anyone wants to make can be done more easily, cheaply, and organically. So there’s less events, and more deliverables in this update.


I have one more set of changes I’m considering after thinking about feedback more…

I’d like to add/tweak a deliverable to ensure optimal chances of having community members run their own quests/events! At the end of the day, I think this system could be very valuable to the community just off of me running events that are interactive/engaging. but it will be much more impactful if we can try and get more people involved via hosting/participating - i can’t guarantee what others will do, but i think orienting the deliverables this way can help us get more hosts/content made and scale this impact!

  • open sourcing of material (already planned above) w/instructions
  • two live ‘trainings’ for how to run your own event
  • two community run events i get others to sign-up for
  • some prize money set aside for future community events
  • this emphasizes the value of WAGDICE bc that’s an impt part of how we run these games on-chain (and my current way is JANKY af)

Will try and update this tomorrow or Fri!


Really like the idea of educating the community on how to run their own WAGDIE Quest experiences. It’s going to be an essential part of it persisting within the ecosystem.

Will suggest properly documenting a “Dungeon Masters Guide” of sorts, that explains how to run the sessions as priority over the live trainings. They’ll persist long after the knowledge of the sessions is gone, and will be a consistent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to do this.

Regarding the prizes for community stuff, I’d like to investigate the possibility of registering “Game Masters” as subdomains beneath a wagdiequest.eth domain to provide security, authenticity, and some level of program-approval to those wanting to officiate the events.

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things, but I think there’s something to having game runners operate under fresh wallets with an officiated stamp — when you see that the game’s being run by balyan.wagdiequest.eth, you know it’s (probably) not a scam.

It keeps things cleaner vs sending community prizes to private wallets and mingling with personal trades, etc. Plus, some level of multisig could be required on those for distributing / burning the NFTs, eliminating the situation where community prizes are stolen and people’s characters are pinched or burned unfairly.


that makes sense! will think about how to do this a bit more. like the point on dungeon master guide emphasis over live trainings.

i was thinking that having all prizes, entry fees (wagdie + eth) go to the same multi-sig wallet would be essential for this. subdomain idea could be a cool way to do it.


I’ve updated this proposal based on learnings + feedback from the first run of quests!

  • Updated the options to focus middle option (C) on open sourcing the content systems/guides for community to host
  • Updated the options to focus higher option (D) on building out tools WAGDICE and image system to make the content higher quality, faster, more accessible to host
  • Made some other tweaks/improvements to descriptions of the systems, and updated some places where we referred to the first quest event not having been hosted - now that we’ve hosted it!

I feel like this proposal is in pretty good shape now, but would love to hear if anyone has any other comments / thoughts before we consider putting it to the wider community.

Thanks for the support!

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