Proposal: Continued Support for You Will Not Survive

You Will Not Survive 2024


Dethsoft would like the Conclave’s continued support while we head into early access for You Will Not Survive, by giving us more time to polish and test over the next 6-7 months.

We as a team believe that we have shown our dedication and commitment with daily and weekly posts/updates about the game, quarterly testing of new and expanded features, and detailed and transparent finances.

2023 Retrospective (1)

What started as a Vampire Survivor clone has grown into an in-depth Action Roguelite that will stand on its own legs within the Indie Gaming scene.

  • Weapons & Items showcasing mainline lore
  • Map UI that utilizes the art to its fullest
  • NPCs & Enemies based on existing characters
  • Character Classes of story-based Pilgrims
  • Addictive Game and System Mechanics that keep players coming back for one more run
  • Steam Page Launch

Our team feels this is just the beginning, we see You Will Not Survive packed with dozens upon dozens of NPCs, items, weapons, and enemies that can tell a story to many that few know now.

Our Vision for 2024

This year we plan to release You Will Not Survive into Early Access on Steam after participating in the June or October 2024 Steamfest.

Currently, we are working on completing our initial vision of the game which includes:

  • Revamping our weapon/attack system
  • In-game currency/system (DEATH)
  • Ultimate Weapon System Completion (Charging via bullet absorption + DEATH collection)
  • 4 New NPCs
  • 5 New Weapons
  • 10 New Items
  • 10 New Enemies + Bosses
  • New Dungeon, The Church of Her
  • Unlock Tree
  • A Plethora of QoL Updates + Additions

We plan to do 1-2 more playtests with the community before pushing to a broader audience to ensure a quality and well-designed game.

2024 Budget Breakdown

  • Lead Dev Salary - 2k/month (Rama)
  • Game Designer/Director Salary - 2k/month (b33f)
  • Concept Artist/Book Artist & Designer - 300/month (brenon64)
  • In-game Sprite Art - 300/month (rex)
  • Total: 15k USD

These funds will allow us the time of 4-5 months to get YWNS into a sellable state to generate revenue.

Proposed Transactions

We are asking the Conclave for 6 ETH in total to help us reach our goal of Early Access.

We will count the ETH as $16200 with a sale price of $2700.


We will be using the same multisig that was initially created for our first proposal:

You can check all our budgeting here: YWNS Income & Expenses - Google Sheets (edited)

Updated Deliverables

Dethsoft will hold 1-2 more open playtests on before going live with our Steam demo this Summer/Fall.

We will use that demo to participate in either the June or October Steamfest and then release You Will Not Survive into Early Access afterward featuring all demo content + The Church of Her Dungeon and unlockables.

Following our Early Access release we will continue updating and completing the game on Steam until version 1.0 is ready.

Version 1.0 will feature:

  • 6 Total Dungeons
  • The Abyss (True Roguelite Mode)
  • 30+ Weapons
  • 50+ Items
  • 15 NPCs
  • 50+ Enemies & Bosses


Revenue Model

The revenue model will stay mostly the same, we will sell the game on Steam/Epic and initially for an MSRP of $12.99 USD for the base game, and we will have DLC packs for $2-3 USD for future updates.

Porting to the Nintendo Switch would be our first priority if we see the demand and financial return.

The initial distribution of the game will be controlled by Rama and b33f, unless we can strike a deal with a game publisher.

The team’s LLC will handle all revenue generated by the game unless further publishing or licensing deals are struck in the long term.

Dethsoft will pay back the Conclave 30% of all profits on the You Will Not Survive base game after marketplace cuts & taxes until the $76200 (rounding up to $2700 while ETH is ranging) is paid back in full. After that time % payback will drop to 15% in perpetuity.


CC0 Ethos

After our 1.0 release, we intend to release all art assets we have personally created for the game as CC0 assets to be used however anyone would like.


In the short timespan of 1 year the Dethsoft team has built out a more robust gaming experience then most/any project in the space that has brought in millions to do what we’ve done with 60k.

You Will Not Survive is a product that can be worn and shown proudly by the community, and it is, it is truly something that excites and interests those on the outside.

Our Success is the conclaves and everyone’s success, more funds now will allow us the time to polish and create a game that is worthy of widespread reception and recognition.

Thank you for your time!



Love all of you.
This has been some of the most fun building I’ve ever had, and I’m excited to help bring across the finish line.


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