Proposal idea: Send Amalgam to Brennen.eth

I propose we setup a vote to have Brennen.eth receive The Amalgam.

The Council has lost Detriti, only the skull remains. Let us free the creature from the shackles of the Conclave and allow it to return home to the swamps.

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Yes! Let’s do it! I’m all for it.

Brennen still has the skull tho, yeah?
We don’t know if that’s a 1:1 that’d be basically as valuable as Detriti was.

imo we should keep the amalgam for a more lore related use later.

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I agree with Isk. He has had consolation. Burning under the narrative directive has always resulted in compensation.

Except the Seals of Yuria…@hersilence, @Rollinorama, @TheTwins, @M3RL1N

And anyhow, does anyone really think Detriti will not return…


Not losing hope on those burnt seals @josiah.peace, we’ll get our raptor reward someday (or maybe just our lost vote back) :wink:

This is tough. I think I’d personally be ok with giving the Amalgam to Brennen.eth. They’ve been one of the most active community members, and it takes a lot of guts to send 1 of the 17 off to battle…

However, what happens if/when the Nameless Charter dies? Or another member of the 17? Opens up a can of worms a little bit…

I think in order for this to pass, it shouldn’t be just about Detriti. Some other Bennen.eth accomplishments to consider

  • Spearheading the decrepit guild

  • Pushing the limits of the conclave

  • Being a 2 time conclave rep

  • Helping with Pilgrims of WAGDIE

  • Probably a lot more


seems like these rewards and proposals are less about the comunity as a whole and just about benefiting one member or so… Do something to provide value to the entire collection. Keep this beast in the projects possession. Something like that could offer narrative and other value.

Im sorry but being a conclave rep… or forum admin technically is not a fulltime job and doesnt deserve such payment.

Need to quit throwing money out to people who already hold 20 to 100 wagdie and look at ways to incentivize non holders to join or maybe holders with low counts so they are willing to participate in burning mechanisms or battles.

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I’m a huge proponent of lowering the cost of entry and would love to hear any thoughts you have around how to accomplish that. However, I don’t think proposal ideas like these and lowering the barrier to entry are mutually exclusive.


Welcome again Mac. I can definitely see your point and I think so far the conversations here leads with many agreeing that this does not need to be a proposal. This is only a proposal idea and not yet a proposal and based on the way it’s going may never make it to proposal process.

Which is the beautiful thing about the Conclave. We can have ideas and others can point out the holes and flaws in them. I think if you go and visit the Proposals that have turned into Final Proposals and led to voting you will see they are very much for the community.

Furthermore, even if a proposal such as this ever caught enough legs to get to a final proposal it is ultimately up the community to decide whether it passes.

Again welcome to the conclave.

Many of us are aligned and agree in examining ways to make WAGDIE more accessible to others. A lot of our community builders are doing just that, with and without the help of the conclave. This will always be our goal as we want as many people as we can to participate and enjoy this experience

I have a better idea.

Send him detritiswampass.eth