Proposals I’d like to see, feel free to share discourse

I would love to see proposals that:

  • Focus on bringing value back to the community
  • Focus on addressing crowd that have less time and/or have more money > time.

I would prefer these proposals be created by those who are best suited to execute them. Preferably having experience in the fields they are creating proposals for.

Any one of us can say “we need marketing.” “We need to be more accessible.” Few disagree with these statements, but there are solutions for these things and those capable of executing them in a way that maintains integrity to the brand.

There is a difference between artificially raising floor / marketing with intent to raise floor versus marketing to ensure WAGDIE finds its audience.

If you have experience in these things, would love to hear from you. Would love to see you create a proposal.

Additionally I would love to see WAGDIE in comic or Webtoon (web comic) format.

Anyways feel free to use this thread to share proposal ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s the execution of those ideas that matter. May we attract a good executioner to submit a draft proposal.


I second this. I will brainstorm and share some thoughts at a later time.

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It’s funny when I wrote this Conclave felt a little barren - but then immediately after a bunch of Proposals started coming and now we feel busier than ever. Still, none the less…

I think It’s a fine place to just brain dump ideas and see if we can spark some flames.

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Only thing I can say or could contribute and sort of working or helping on is Merch.

I have experience in sales/operation. Would love to then bring that physically to events. I have helped attended conventions or event planning to attend work concessions and host a booth. Can sell merch on the inside or have a promo table.

But not to be generic and say “we need marketing” however. Finding some way ti open up to other people. Like her silence brought up about moon runners. I think having more twitter spaces could be a cost effective way. Could host analysis talks ie: floor, OR better yet what is selling above floor. Most people buy higher priced wagdie and most. But not all floor wagdies are bought to burn so could be fun talks. With traits as well. Could have a mental health talk or free talk spaces. Whatever it may be I think we could host more presence digitally.

But I’d like a way to some how find a way we can use funds to collab in some regard with other projects. And hold a vault maybe? Could get costly at times but. What would help push our CC0 abilities.

Either way, helping bridge web2/3 together is cool and would like it to be more of a brand and identity/game and crypto second for the “normies” on the outside

@HATED_BY_FATE has definitely been trying to get more spaces going & do spaces on topics like that or other things than just lore, such as workshop spaces etc.

Personally my favorite spaces are the ones we have post-wagdie spaces where everyone can discuss the event, their thoughts, their experiences etc. As well as ask questions.

But yeah these are things we don’t need Proposals for and conversations we could have elsewhere.

As for what kind of marketing would be beneficial, is probably just more establishing partnerships with brands and things outside of the NFT space. Kind of like going to Gen Con etc.

And just figuring out ways to reduce friction for onboarding and bringing in new users. The kind of marketing we do NOT want is just collabing with random projects to do alpha/whitelists and everything else.

It’s a tricky thing & I would prefer if anyone did any kind of marketing plans or proposals that they legit experience in that field. Some things I’ve seen in Nouns for instance is proposals to setup a Pop-up somewhere and in ApeDAO they had Guy Oseary come in to be part of bringing in partnerships and collaborations… obviously those are BIG examples that are outside of our reach at the moment…

but there are things that could be worked out and feasible within our reach/means that could maybe involve proposal work.

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Agree! I don’t want to be setting up white lists for random projects. UNLESS maybe it has been brought to approval and the project is worth it to some point. We don’t want to be too closed minded but I 1000% get where you’re coming from. Reducing friction is my number 1.

I wonder if there’s a super simple way to onboard people like you covered security really well. What if we had a booth at some gaming and comic convention cause we do have something worth sharing there but we helped a couple people set up a meta mask and buy one from open sea and showed voting in the conclave and now they have a cool pfp they resonate with and rock too

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Those are my favorite spaces as well. But @hersilence.eth brings a good point to moon runners. They are probably doing so good because people latched on to the community and built more value than just their shitty story. Not saying we need to host a mental health space but we could from time to time try and host other spaces that are like a tin foil hat space, merch ideas, guild talk, using a dao fund to buy a NFT and make another amalgam, table top, lore/larping. It’s a lot. Takes no funds but a lot of initiative for sure.

I don’t have a degree or background in marketing. But I’ve done some irl event planning. I used to book music gigs, sold merch in booths and attended conventions. I think partnering with other communities could be helpful and the marketing really can be free if we just have a lot of people talking about it on twitter. I think the discord which is SUPER WELL DONE Needs a stronger twitter raid. But what you and others have built is a really strong natural organic community. It’s just finding a way to expand

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Moonrunners is focused on a specific type of engagement and successfully engage likeminded individuals. In our case it’s a different type of engagement and audience; emulation wouldn’t achieve the same result.

This project provides an incredibly engaging user experience. In my opinion it’s a deeper, richer experience than what you can find elsewhere. It isn’t quite as easy to engage on the surface and requires some effort to really enjoy it to its fullest.

Our community is very likeminded. The tools we are building and the tournaments and questing provide a much more in depth experience than the surface level experiences you see elsewhere.

We could be more strategic with promoting these events and experiences, sure.

I don’t want it to be implied that I think we should engage in the same manner of course. :slight_smile:

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No for sure, I just liked where your head was at in that I think there could be more done to reach people digitally

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Yeah this was a plan for Gen Con, we just were a little too late. But plenty of future conventions to get this right & figured out.

Also King and others had an awesome day of basically involving people (at the con) in the game with community members NFTs (who are at home) to do like WAGDIE quest or tournament and basically experience what we have to offer as well as surprise them after by letting them know they just killed some NFTs worth $$ and seeing how they react :joy:

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That would be very sick to allow votes from the outside during a con/event to be paired with a project event. Depending on what’s needed, you and king have it on lockdown but I can help with project management, sales, operations side of things.

Idk how or what level of effectiveness is or how it works, marketing would be helpful and might be good to allocate some dao funds to that but with the way the market is. I think focusing all efforts on the builds and the foundations is probably best. But it does seem as though we are in our own little wagdie bubble but there are people from time to time coming in. But would be nice to see some other reputable communities be collab’d with in some way. Are there communities that are sub .5 eth (so it’s not overly wasteful) where we could buy some and use them for burns activities within the lore?