Wagdie exposure

I propose a business opportunity communty members to be paid for the efforts time and energy they have put into building this. Id like to see us use conclave funds f to help us promote our upcoming event(s), searing and NFT NYC. I believe that multiple twitter Spaces or a video podcast on this topic would be a great way to build up buzz and interest in the event, and would vote to release funds and pay for your peoples marketing efforts.

Specifically, we are offering to pay 1 to 5 ETH or roughly $1000-5,000 dollars to cover the costs of hosting the Twitter Space and or podcast and to pay members of the community to represent the event(s). We believe that hosting a Twitter Space or podcast on this topic would be a valuable service to our EVERYONE ATTENDING, and we are confident that you are the best team for the job. @KingOffling @josiah.peace @poof @Dontfeedthewolf and others willing to bring well-verbalized perspective to these spaces when able and allowed.

In addition to hosting the Twitter Space or podcast, we would also like you to help us spread the word about the event on your social media channels and through any other channels that you have access to. I believe that using some level of expertise in marketing and community management will be crucial in making our events a success.

Any and all questions and additional considerations I open and would like a discourse on them.

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Reiterating the plan I outlined in the discord:

  • Create a β€œSpaces Collaboration Bounty” fund
  • Devise a list of criteria for collaboration-worthy projects
  • Elect a few community members to gatekeep approval process
  • Invite entire community to generate collab spaces with other projects with:
  • Pay bounty to community members who generate quality collab spaces
  • Use our fun mechanics where applicable in collab spaces
  • Generate interest within other communities

A successful bounty would need to include each of the following:

  • Agreement with collaborating project leads that meets criteria
  • Proposed scheduling, including which Twitter accounts will host
  • Named WAGDIE community members who will attend to lead

It’s a pretty β€œwen marketing” initiative, but if the collective is serious about reaching out to other communities with spaces, then I think this is the best method of doing so.

No solo individual is going to be able to deliver the breadth of projects that the community could collectively offer, nor would pooling money in a few designated speakers get the right person for every space.

I’d be in favor of a plan like above 100x more than just handing anyone (even me) a bag of money to do the job.

This could go hand-in-hand with some other new onboarding initiatives, such as the β€œIntro Dungeon” discussed in @Cisab’s recent thread. Though, let’s not overburden the idea to start.

Thoughts? Criteria? Amounts?


Also, when it comes to criteria vs bounty amount… I’m thinking we make the criteria pretty lax, and the bounty amount relatively moderate. Don’t think there’s any advantage to headhunting exclusively the cream of the crop, as we can always garner new members from projects of almost any size.


As a short term push, I think something like this is worthwhile trying out.

+1 to the idea of bounties / against funding a specific person.
I’d also suggest making the bounty contingent or scale with some outcome (eg maybe $5 per attendee in the twitter space, or $10 per profile view attributed to the tweet, …).

There have been a few projects for audio share-outs that imo haven’t clearly resulted in growth for the community.

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So I had a brief back and forth with @meepledad who’s involved with forgotten runes they say they’re only involved with wagdie and forgotten runes but don’t believe I’ve seen him in the discord. Do we have connections to forgotten runes we can leverage and either partner with them or gain some insight we can leverage going further?

Also I wonder if we leverage artists in our community to help find ways of making art or assets to other communities to gain attention?

Summary Feedback from Jan 23 Meeting:

  • This plan needs formalization before it can move to vote
  • There is desire for a repeatable experience to run with collab communities

Please re-write your proposal however you see fit.
Notify when finished, and it will be reevaluated.


To go off of this and Cisabs Public Dungeon content I have some ideas id like to pivot to. There are connections to be had and relationships to be made. Leveraging those relationships to the benefit of all can be extremely helpful.

King you were able to form and share a personal connection with Meeple recently that allows us to strengthen our tie to not just a web2 but web3 community. B33F and his game proposal with Rama building a video game and all the strong overall relationship we have with community art we as a group are trying to build the ability for others to experience and appreciate WAGDIE like we do, but in other ways.

Thats why through establishing strong tangible relationships with business professionals in my city (Breweries, restaurants, art schools, t-shirt manufacturers) I want to try and put on an event or experience people can have.

People in my town want to go somewhere and experience something. Currnely I have attended 3 networking crypto meet ups and do a lot of socializing in my day job I would have the ability to solicit an event for people to show up at.

Id like to try and form some relationships in my area with breweries or a social event I think it would be possible to showcase something like a Public dungeon run or show case of some sort.

If people got to hang out and chill/socialize but while they were doing it for that hour with a beer or two, people got to decide or vote on what happens during the run on twitter.

Being able to have an interface where we can also show a tally of all the community members playing/staking/voting/answering or streaming of some sort could help.

There would really be need for start up cost, but if I were to suggests costs it would be to pay a small devoted team to build the dungeon run that makes it worth people wanting to attend (20-30 people low end 50 on a high end) If it was successful enough and I charged the second time around a cover charge we could try asking for $10 entry and allowing that to flow back into the conclave. Id prefer to pay the artists the time to put together something worth show casing than pay the promotor, but I think it would be important to have some form of start of cash to help get my foot in the door places. I’m thinking anywhere from $500-$1000 USD. This could even be used to rent the space, but I’m more than willing to front some cash to help host the event.

Time: 4 months prep. I think to give a whole month to develop a dungeon run and for me to share or build an event or show I think I could partner with some people in my community to help. I have someone in my community who makes IRL art and is doing their own NFT line currently (https://www.charliehewittstudio.com/).

Ive had some contact with people he associates with and would love to try and collab with him on doing some art show or event planning together to piggyback off each other to bring attention to NFTs/crypto/business/art in general, there are several angles you could come at it with. This would take time and attention to build these relationships with this goal in mind which takes away from my day job at a mid-level financial firm. I associate with a lot of business professionals and could easily promote something like this if it was done right.

I would not be offended to have ideas and suggestions on steering this, but with other open collaborations, I would love to see people get paid for creating the art and content and just let me promote it.

I would require the help of artists to provide me with art, content, or assets so that I could cut down on costs working on graphic design or marketing when I could hopefully rely on the support of talented artists.

Ultimately, after doing hopefully a couple of these leading up to the video game beta or release, we could then do a larger event for a game release which can be a deeper conversation, but depending on how the game is played, id love to see people be able to experience this wether its having 1 station or 5)

I think it’s long overdue that we feed a little bit of the artists and people that devote time to developing and expanding WAGDIE and in order for it to be sustainable we need to heavily rely on web2 connections.

At the very least, if there was an ability to catch a run or record some sort of experience that can be shown to pitch someone, I think its something worth promoting to get 20-50 other people to experience.