Recapping Achievements

Since early on the community has been pivotal in building and expanding the WAGDIE lore.

Before the launch of the Conclave, the Community has already made outstanding progress:

  • Multiple Community-made Websites & Tools:

Wagdie Wiki | Burn Tracker + Token | Lore Tracker | Text Tool | Marketplace | Game (in progress)

  • Podcast:

We are All Going to Die (wagdie recap)

  • Fan art, Merchandise, & whispers of more to come

  • Guilds & Fan-generated Lore (Baldburner, M3rl1n, etc.)

  • Communuity Made Discords & so much moreโ€ฆ

  • IRL event during NFT.NYC:

Met Cloisters Museum, Headless Horsemen (open bar) +

Monarch Scavenger Hunts

Further tools and resources will become available to the community through this forum. For further content creation, building, and expansion of the WAGDIE universe.

We look forward to WIPs and engagement within the WAGDIE forums.


The First Term

July 7th - August 15th

  • Conclave was formed with (6) Community-nominated Conclave Representatives for a first term of (6) Weeks. Snapshot

@hersilence.eth @josiah.peace @Balyan @brennen_eth @M3RL1N @Dontfeedthewolf

(7) WIPs (out of 7) Approved:

  • WIP 1 Snapshot Established a 30% Revenue returned to Conclave rule for any Proposals that lead to revenue generation

  • WIP 2 Snapshot & WIP 4 Snapshot Established a Contract Audit Squad & Shared Artist Panel/Contract as well as respective Conclave Categories, seeking to unite the creators & builders within the community.

  • WIP 3 Snapshot & WIP 6 Snapshot Established to bring WAGDIE Games into life and on chain, PVP, PVE, Tournaments, Quests, and Item Shops. Already variations of these tested and even part of our general story with the recent Festival Tournament.

  • WIP 5 Snapshot & 7 Snapshot Established to help WAGDIE reach a broader audience with a Podcast as well as a MAP, which could become the foundation of WAGDIE.

(2) New Categories Created

Outside of Conclave Proposals/Funding:

  • WAGDIE was present at Gen Con & shook hands with important people
  • WADGIE Merch is in the works as well as WAGDIE 3D

The Second Term

August 18th - October 1st

(3) WIPs (out of 3) Approved:

  • WIP 8 Snapshot sought Term rewards for the first (6) CR in the form of WAGDIE
  • WIP 9 Snapshot sought the establishment of Conclave Bells, adding a new tradition to each term closure with each Conclave Representative awarding 1 token to a community member
  • WIP 10 Snapshot allocated 10% of our USDC treasury into ETH

Creation of GNOSIS Safe

  • Following Detritiโ€™s wild act and abuse of power during war, where she tried to bring the Amalgam into battle to fight alongside the Serpent Snapshot
    • the Conclave Representatives discussed (first privately, than openly and publicly with the community about the future health of the conclave:
  • As a result, no single (1) Conclave Representative holds the power to push out a New Proposal, it can only be done via Gnosis Safe with majority approval. This was tested with the 3rd Conclave Election.

Outside of Conclave Proposals/Funding and/or Updates to previously Funded:


The Third Term

Oct 3rd - Nov 12th

Conclave Reps elected:
@tenacity.eth @Dontfeedthewolf @brennen_eth @OccultOccurrences @LostCowboy @PrinceHamDoe Snapshot

(2) WIPs (out of 2) Approved

  • WIP 11: WAGDIE Game Jam Snapshot
  • WIP 12: WAGDIE Weekly Spaces/Podcast Snapshot

Other Achievements:

  • Created Funded Proposals Forum in Discord Discord tracking all funded proposals, on status, etc.
  • Conclave cleanup (Implemented Archive category and started archiving old threads - all still available/open to read)
  • Organized Discord Updates to include โ€˜Term #, Meeting #โ€™ for each weekly update

Overall this term was focused on cleaning and organizing while community stepped up BIG (without proposals) and some sustainability achieved (WAG brought $ in)

Outside of Conclave and/or Previously Funded Updates