Creating visual summaries/story boards

The most common request/challenge we see in Discord is β€œI’ve just joined/bought by first WAGDIE, how do I catch up?”. As well as β€œI’ve been away a while, what’s happened?”.

So much of the lore and story happens via audio (Spaces) and text (Wiki/Blog/Twitter), neither of which are easy to digest (as much of an amazing job those people do to summarize!).

If we can find the right talent at the right cost, what do you think about creating a weekly storyboard that captures the key events? I was thinking that something like Merc’s style would be great - not sure whether they themselves would be interested, or someone with similar talents.

Even if it was a character (the most prominent that week) in a certain setting, with bullet-point summary of key events?

Just a thought. Don’t think we’re ready for proposals yet but I reckon this could help broaden the engagement base a lot.


I started doing key events a long time ago in pixel art, which is the only art skill I try to help, and try to match with the wagdie pixel art style. I’ve done the Death of Yuler and the Council with Gregor. Right now I was working on MAYC burning. I’m nothing close to merc work hahahaha but anyway, it was a way of illustrating the events for those who are just joining the project!

I think you already know, but anyway, the arts are here:



Was going to bring up @Rollinorama your visuals are perfect, would be awesome to provide you with more of a team to try and capture all events with quick snippets / links to further digestion.

also @chimaera I thought about a Comic or something and we don’t even need to mention the word NFT so it appeals to even further audience, but then we of course link to things which allow people to go deeper…hook them with the lore and story then after they can find out they are able to own part of it with characters and more.


Very nice! I would definitely like to see more.

This is a great initiative that we could take up in the future once we hash out basic priorities.

These types of things are great for committees. In this scenario the blending of committees with guilds makes for an interesting mashup? I would love to explore this further.

We have unique individual talents in the community and that talent could only be expanded with collaboration.


i started wagdie-org for this purpose. It’s definitely not perfect, and getting a bit long as the story continues… but would love to maintain and improve if others think it’s valuable or have ideas for how to make better!


@Rollinorama I love those graphics, but for this purpuse we’d definitely need more/more often! As Wolf mentioned, perhaps we can get additional resource for this?

@Dontfeedthewolf I also thought of a comic book. If we can find someone to write it as the story progresses, that would be fire. Could even NFT each week’s edition if we wanted to, keep some funds coming in.

@0xthriving I also love but I think it serves a slightly different purpose to this. The snappy summaries after each event are awesome, with more visuals would be even more effective


Welcome to the Conclave @0xthriving , big fan of your work with - it’s one of the first things I recommend to newcomers & it’s been a big inspiration in how we can make WAGDIE easily digestible for newcomers and those with less time.

We also have Story Summary on the Wiki now, thanks to Goldeneel.

There is also an interactive map in the works and of course @Rollinorama talents with graphics.

We have multiple individuals striving for a way to get this story to more people. I believe we can figure it out together. Until then, I’ve definitely linked both Thriving’s Site & The Summary in one so we can be sure we are sharing resources – and then of course we have this discussion here with ideas.


lets gooo!!! this is exciting. what about creating a character/selecting an existing NFT and designating it as a loremaster of sorts that has a twitter profile that only posts the recaps?


Welcome Andrew happy to see you here!

We do have & we do have Liris Willis with Wagdie Daily on Twitter:

But if you have suggestions on how to improve this, it’s something we are all striving to do as we know how easy it is for people to fall behind on updates!

We also have a Story Summary thus far with bullet points on the Wagdie.Wiki:

I look forward to your insights on how we can improve these things as I know you have great reach and understand how to communicate to broader audiences!

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This is a great idea. I recently joined WAGDIE and spent hours trying to understand the lore and catch up. A visual summary would have made that so much faster/easier!


Properly layered storyboard illustrations could be used to create some simple animatics with voiceover and provide some fantastic narrative recap videos.

(Avacyn Restored Trailer - YouTube)
(Spelljammer Announce Trailer | D&D Direct - YouTube)
(Sharkey The Bounty Hunter | Comic Book Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube)
(THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics - YouTube)


Those are cool - the 3rd and 4th being the style I had in my mind.

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@Dalawho also examine this thread and those within it. Proposal or not for your vision, there are others here who strive for storyboard/visual summaries of WAGDIE.

Would love to see a project emerge between those capable and finding a home for all the talents within this discord.

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