WAGDIE Artist Guild Season 3 Artist Panel

The time has come to elect a new panel for the third season of WAG, the premiere collection of artists enriching and expanding the world of WAGDIE through visionary art.

In line with the procedures outlined in the Press Release ,

and @josiah.peace

have the option to renew their WAG membership and remain on the panel for the next season. They can do so by officially commenting their resolve on this post.

New artists who wish to apply may do so by providing the following through commenting on this post within the Conclave forum:

a. Statement of purpose in wanting to join
b. History of involvement with the WAGDIE project
c. A portfolio of work for review

Applications will be assessed here in the Conclave by the incumbent panel and WAG patrons to determine membership. Applications which receive a vote of affirmation by (minimum) 50% of the incumbent panel and 2 WAG Patrons will be admitted pending full consent to the artist guidelines outlined in the Press Release.


The deadline to finalizing season three’s panel will be in two week’s time. I do not believe such a conclusion require a snapshot vote. Thank you all.


I will not be renewing my membership for the third season. Grateful for the opportunity and privileged to have received the community support to draw!

The election duration has concluded.

There will not be a third season of WAG at this time. Thank you all for your time.