WAGDIE Weekly (Renewal)

WAGDIE Weekly Spaces/Podcast (Renewal)


This proposal seeks to renew the funding for WAGDIE Weekly, which has had 6 months of successful Twitters Spaces / Podcast episodes since its inception. In addition, this proposal seeks to update the terms to reflect the reduction from 3 hosts to 2.

WAGDIE Weekly is a scheduled Twitter Spaces and syndicated podcast across multiple platforms, hosted by @KingOffling and @josiah.peace with at-will community member involvement.

The show has been hosted every Tuesday at 8PM EST on https://twitter.com/wagdieweekly for more than 26 consecutive weeks, and this proposal seeks to fund it for an additional 24 episodes (bringing to 50 total).


The spaces provides an easy recap opportunity for community members who don’t have time to engage with the project at all levels. It also serves as a gathering point for the WAGDIE community to discuss its independent initiatives, and various happenings apart from the core of the project.


WAGDIE is an incredibly expansive experience and having this spaces / podcast format makes things a lot easier to digest for those with less time. It has been quite successful since its outset, and will continue to be a valuable aspect of the community’s development.


Twitter for the live show.
Podbean for distribution across Spotify, Apple, and major podcasting services.


WAGDIE Weekly has already produced 27 episodes and will continue to operate without change. @KingOffling and @josiah.peace create notes for their episode throughout the week, and then host a Twitter Spaces for approximately 1hr on Tuesdays at 8PM EST. Sometime after completion, the show is ripped from Twitter, edited, and sent to syndication.


The show already exists, and will continue uninterrupted.

Overal Cost

We are requesting $75 per person, per episode ($150 total per episode).
This increase per host is to reflect the increased workload since losing one co-host.

This proposal requires $3500 to execute the planned 24 episodes.

The entire amount shall be distributed to wagdiepodcast.eth for holding.
Half will be distributed to hosts at approval, half after episode 44 is complete.


My favorite show. I really hope it won’t get cancelled. I’m ready to beg Wagdie Bros. Pictures day and night to renew it. Please, please, please, make it run again. And bump the salaries for show runners too, please - I want to continue hearing those happy voices talking about everyday Forsaken Lands… All the death, misery and sacrifices. I just love it all. Can’t imagine myself going through a week without tuning in. Such a big part of my life now.
Anyway, thank you for all your work so far, it’s all amazing and underappreciated. I love it with all my heart and soul :heart: :saluting_face:


I think we can just move this to a vote.


These shitty hosts need to figure out a real music streaming solution.
They’re holding their phones to their speakers like absolute amateurs.
Intro music is jacked af every time they start a space and it’s killing the project.


Yours is pretty dogshit ngl…

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Push this to a vote, but I do think I could have some suggestions though I don’t know the implementation of them. I think it could be good to have or incorporate clips or have pre-staged videos or videos to complement the space or to be able to go back to previous spaces or what not from that so I think that would be really cool. I think you should guys get paid more as well.

I also think part of this would be good if we could incorporate having other spaces hosts hosts our weekly so if there’s a way that on that night we can partner up or use concrete funds if necessary to say thank you to the host for allowing us to even if it’s just $100 USD I think this could go a long way

We should do intro song

Would be absolutely ruined by hosts’ current audio setup.
They need to sort that shit out.

Okay… Desktop oriented, multi-channel setup has been organized on my desktop.
Have fully tested (thanks @HATED_BY_FATE) and it works pretty well.
Can have music playback / voices isolated and everything is functional.

@josiah.peace β€” Unless you want to learn this (semi) complex setup… we might change the alternating hosts thing, just for ease of maintaining this improvement.


What does that entail? Just who practically accesses and speaks from the WAGDIE Weekly twitter account every week?

Yeah. I mean… we could alternate as expected, but I’ve got a nice enough tech setup now that (assuming nothing breaks), having me launch the spaces every week might be beneficial for better audio performance.

Though… People haven’t really complained about your half of 'em, so alternation could be fine still. idk

We’ll play it by ear


My two cents, one of the best things this community has provided so far, you have 100% of my endorsement! I like the Turkish vibe the episodes are having!

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I googled β€œTurkish Vibe” until I realized what you were talking about. :joy: