WIP 0: Community appointed Conclave Representatives to support Authors in submitting Final Proposals

WIP 0: Community appointed Conclave Representatives to support Authors in submitting Final Proposals

This proposal is one of a kind as it aims to tutorial the users on the process of Proposals, the workings of this Conclave, and strive for Decentralization while appointing Conclave Representatives through Community nominations and voting.

As we don’t have Conclave Representatives in place, may this be the only time an individual moves a New Proposal to Final Proposal for live voting.

Abstract | Two or three sentences that summarizes the proposal.

A Proposals for (6) community appointed Conclave Representatives, from the 19 Nominated. For a first term of (6) weeks, at which point the community may revisit this proposal to add/remove/renew Conclave Representatives.

Quick Overview of Trust Users & Structure:

  • T0 users can write Proposal Ideas in General.
  • T1 & above can submit New Proposals (Drafts)
  • T4 users, Conclave Representatives aid in the support of moving New Proposals into Final Proposals.
  • Final Proposals that go live, come back to the Community for Voting.

Motivation | Why the WAGDIE Community should implement the proposal

If the goal of this forum is to move to a Decentralized process of generating WIPs for the Community Treasury, then may this serve as the first step in that direction.

Rationale - An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the WAGDIE Community’s mission and guiding values.

WAGDIE’s licensing is CC0, the community shares a role in writing the story. May this Proposal for community appointed representatives align the Conclave by following in similar footsteps.

Key Terms (optional) - Definition of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the WAGDIE Community, and/or industry-specific.

  • WIPS: Wagdie Idea Proposals
  • Conclave Representative: Trust Level 4 users that guide New Proposals into Final Proposals for Live Voting.

19 Nominated (in order of appearance):

  • Bus
  • EntiTez
  • Balyan
  • 0xMerlin
  • Popa1986
  • Josiah
  • Dontfeedthewolf
  • Peach
  • Rom
  • LostCowboy
  • PrinceHamDoe
  • Basically Angel
  • TheGoldenEel
  • Metaminati
  • Brennen.eth / Council of Six
  • Isk
  • sirfancy.eth
  • hersilence.eth
  • tenacity.eth

Specifications - A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

Steps to Implement - The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, labor, and other resources for each step where applicable.

  • 19 individuals were nominated by the community in a decentralized and transparent process. This shall remain documented within the New Proposal forum.
  • 21 total nominations if we include King and Poof. Both humbly declined to be part of the process and will not serve as Conclave Representatives.
  • For the sake of transparency and decentralization, I accept my nomination and will adhere to the communities vote on whether I remain. For transparency, I was initially reached out to aid in the creation of this Conclave by the team and am not a team member, nor do I have any other accounts within this forum.

Timeline - Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

  • Initial Proposal drafted & remained opened for 10 days.
  • Final 24hr warning given on Discourse, Socials, and Discord for last minute nominations and objections.

All that remains is Live Snapshot voting.

Overal Cost - The total cost to implement the proposal (in ETH).

The only cost is Time & Engagement by the community. This proposal does not require funding.


Vote of support to move to snapshot

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Unless I pull 100 votes outta my ass it looks like I’ll be shooting for the next vote in 6 weeks. I’d just like to take a second to thank anyone who may have voted in my favor, the people with the highest votes are great candidates and I can’t wait to see what they bring forward.


Need to buy 100 more wagdies for a hostile takeover lol

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Regardless of the outcome, there will be much work for all of us here in the conclave. CR may be the ones officially supporting New Proposals moving to Final Proposals, but this takes the communities participation before and after.

Your work and anyone else here does not go unnoticed and if there is anything I can’t say enough, it’s this. I am proud to be part of this community and blown away each and every day by all of you.


I’ll second this sentiment. There’s a reason I declined my nomination β€” we’ve got a ton of shit to do around here already. You don’t need to be a Conclave rep to read and critique proposals.

Even if you don’t get appointed, there’s still a ton of opportunity to provide that same value and process to everything that comes through here. In fact, it’s important that we do, because it’ll take more th an 6 minds to decide if something’s good and worth our funds or not.

So, don’t lament a lack of votes. We can all still play an important role, and there’s term limits for a reason. Over the next 6 weeks we’ll see who’s shining in that authority, who’s tired of the responsibility, who wasn’t realized at all, and what this place needs much more clearly than we do today. Looking forward to that evolution.

Every step is just a step to another step we step.