WIP 13: Conclave Rep Term Duration

This proposal is to extend the Conclave Representative term length from 6 weeks to 12 weeks, starting with the next election cycle.

Motivation / Rationale
Several representatives and members voiced the lack of necessity for frequent turnover of membership, and with the public meetings in the Discord tavern, there is even less need for rotation.

Starting with the next election cycle, Conclave Representatives shall keep their station for 12 weeks.

Steps to Implement
Confirm through vote, and establish practice before next election.

The next election will begin on Friday, Feb 24th.
Decision should conclude before then.


I think this should just go up for a vote and doesn’t need in depth discussion. The community can reject it if they dont like the idea.

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Then, send it!
Vote time.

Can we or do we think we need to up quorum amount needed? In general

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