Conversation: NFT NYC (April 12 - 14)

Onboarding web2 natives to buying an NFT is super hard.

If we were to do a GenCon or similar, I’d want to give or sell them something WAGDIE that had nothing to do with NFTs at all.


True 100% but would be sick if we found a few strong web 2 relationships that are like oh well lemme figure it out and experience it is the real reward.

But youre right to take wagdie ip and a detach it from nfts should be it. Depending on the merchants guild opinion I’d donate the merch shirts available to this, some funds I’d like to see be used for me to get a design printed to be shipped or given to those going to any event.

In general I’d like to see funds released ASAP so that those that want to use their time and energy to go to work on establishing that.

3k drop to you rn no :billed_cap:

What you did with the pamphlets was great with what you could do. Now we have more time and more resources.

How close would you be to a beta branded board game?

I think there should be some product lines built and can even build “swag bag” stuff (shirts, brennon wagdie cards, patches, map, tote (to put their other shit in)Could be consider a waste for those who just want free shit.

But I think by hosting or having a irl game or dungeon run on twitter and building that would be fun, but I’ve heard some criticism in the past over it I think. Maybe that was at NFT NYC but is gen con different in that if we did stream or have a tv and showed live and recorded twitter dungeon run? Get people at gen con to participate on voting with no NFT

Board game is mechanically done a strong prototype, and I’ve playtested a lot IRL.
Just haven haven’t spent the time to digitize it to playtest with y’all.

I should get on that.

Pamphlets made us feel good, but realistically I will call them a failure.
Unless they’re hiding in the shadows, did we get anyone new in community from it?
They were handy as a keepsake in lieu of a business card, at some meetings though.

I do like the idea of making some web2 products, but they have to translate a good portion of what WAGDIE is within themselves.

Really, it’s gotta be something like a novel, TTRPG extension, board game, card game, or something similarly “explorable” to be worthwhile at a convention space.

Nobody gonna give a shit about a WAGDIE coffee mug when they don’t know wtf we are.

I do still really like the idea of running a walk-up-and-play CYOA dungeon at an event as an onboarding ramp, but I would definitely ditch all things associated with livestreaming, etc.

There can be elements in-booth that extend in-game, but convention floors are notoriously bad for wifi, etc… The lower tech / more offline you can go, the better.

Sometimes it’s hard even getting a tweet out.


Yeah that all makes good sense.

But like

  • can we hot spot/ provide Wi-Fi?

-Those pamphlets I get what your saying but if the people you talked to last time are like oh. They’re still here?? Maybe it’ll stick better. Or possibly provide a QR code. Less work to type it into twitter and or trade network for followers. Or possibility of making a brochure explains it’s history weaving the literal or monetary impact with story in a way that explains the story

  • is there a game/network/platform or project we can help fund to be integrated with, less start from scratch.

  • this is more of a realm you’ve involved with so whatever recommendation that we can collectively think makes the biggest impact

Again… Just go lower tech.

There’s no advantage / nothing gained to a livestream, unless you’re running excessive online promotion for folks to view it there. Better just to get some video / images from the event itself and make a sizzle reel afterwards.

My top suggestion would be:
• Attend nerd event with WAGDIE web2 product to sell
• Provide materials / experience to engage with WAGDIE
• Hope that some sales recoup the cost of investment (it won’t)

For the product or something…

I would think we can make something like small branding or maybe some tools for boardgames?

  1. wagdie logo sticker
  2. 3D print dice ( 1 replace to Wagdie logo)
  3. wagdie style character sheet for DnD or other

To clarify what I mean by “a web2 product to sell”, I mean something like:

  • A novelization of some WAGDIE storyline
  • Some WAGDIE branded D&D adventure module
  • Little campaign supplement book for D20 systems
  • The board game, or a card game, or something similar
  • Comic books / graphic novels that tell WAGDIE story

It’s gotta have WAGDIE flavor and tangible value to the attendees.
Something they can take home and enjoy that’s all its own, and gets them into the world.

They don’t know what WAGDIE is, so things like our merch, stickers, or dice ain’t gonna work on their own. We might sell a few t-shirts just off the brand name, but the real play is having an inviting product that’s meaty but comfortable for onboarding.

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Summary Feedback from Jan 23 Meeting:

  • We will not be pursuing NFT NYC in any capacity
  • Additional events may be investigated at another time