Purchase of a BAYC

I propose that The Conclave purchase any BAYC, and hold it until at least Jun-07-2024 01:26:57 AM

We permit The Keepers to decide which BAYC to buy.

What is done with it thereafter is the collective choice.


There are several independent reasons that contribute to my desire for this path.

1 - Poetry

If you donโ€™t understand exactly what I mean by thisโ€ฆ Return to the source material.

This brings the end to the spell.

We are now the monkeyโ€™s master.

2 - Value

I believe this is the bottom for BAYC, and over a 2-3 month span, it definitely holds value, and if NFT cycle returns, could see significant gains in the 4-6 month span, should the conclave wish to sell it.

From this position, I donโ€™t think has risk of losing much value if NFTs persist, and it could be easily reevaluated before the June 7 release date.

3 - Attention

WAGDIE bought an Apeโ€ฆ :eyes:

Itโ€™s a very fun narrative that I think, with the conflux of events around us, is likely to draw some attention at a valuable time.

4 - Airdrops

As Yugaโ€™s acquired more and more properties, I believe their value prop for the BAYC holders will be a periodic stream of airdrops from their catalogue of collections, and other such things we could easily gain and liquidate along the way.

5 - Roleplay

Thereโ€™s a lot of fun we could have with this stupid fucking captive monkey under the communityโ€™s control, from a larp standpointโ€ฆ Imagine the spaces

6 - Fractionalized / cc0

Wow, we all own the MAYC through wagdie magic.

Now we all own a BAYC through wagdie magic.

7 - BURN

Would be a beautiful thing to seeโ€ฆ if so desired.

I donโ€™t know if burning is the right path, but thatโ€™s a decision for later.

I wish for them to wait with baited breath for what we will do it, and sleep drenched in the fear that we are coming for them nextโ€ฆ

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I donโ€™t think it loses money, unless the community decides to burn it.

This fact terrifies me.

Was it ever burned bahahaha

That one went to vote, but the community ultimately decided not to even bother with the ape at allโ€ฆ