Conversation: NFT NYC (April 12 - 14)

NFT NYC is closer than it seems.

Just about 3 months to plan an execution if we’re going to do one.

Let’s brainstorm our best ideas and see if we can’t come up with a plan?

Drop your wildest dreams below!


Not likely to get there, but all for planning something.

How about an IRL burning event, like ArinaBB’s art burn but with whatever plushies/plastic shit we can get hold of, like @brennen_eth 's BAYC?


I will attend as Julian Tryhard if the Conclave will assist me with obtaining a proper costume.


I have no idea how / what / where you’re allowed fire in NYC, but if possible it could be a fun invitation. People would come for that spectacle, especially if there was some performance / ceremony around it.

The question is… what do we burn?

Maybe hold it on the final day and everyone bring all the worthless crap they collected, plus a few (expensive) feature items we buy / gather as Conclave… then just run an open bonfire and let everyone toss their shit in?

Offer some ToC to those who participate?


What’s the spec?
• Tunic / Cloak
• Linen Pants
• Boots
• Red Helm w/ Flaps
• Eyepatch
• Crossbow

Did I miss anything?

I usually start a campaign with an Explorer’s Pack as well…

I think you have listed everything that would be required, although I’m not sure Julian should be equipped with a crossbow for this kind of event.

No, no… It’s essential.

We need the “Crossbow Wielding NFT Investor Arrested in Time Square” newspaper headline to really make the project pump. We’re going whole hog on that, without a doubt.


Clarity for anyone who don’t know…

None of NFT NYC happens at NFT NYC (the conference).

If we’re going to do something, it means booking a venue somewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan and running our own shit sideline to the main event. Probably just a single night party kinda thing, but with enough spectacle it draws a crowd and provides a fun experience for holders.

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One thing I’d love to do:

Bring some LARP swords / shields and allow attendees to challenge each other, staking a waggie on the outcome of their own IRL 1v1 fight. Winner gets a ToC or something, loser gets burned…


Hello, I am interested in attending.


I am 100% for this and think it should be part of the NFT.NYC proposal. I would happily have asked you and/or @M3RL1N to be in character and provide payment as well as assistance in costumes/make an event out of it, but wouldn’t have wanted to volunteer either of you in case you would rather not “work” during the event.

but we would be honored to have you


in order for all this to happen I think it would be important to front these people early to help give them a buffer to coordinate the things they need.


I think its time to release the funds and not be too overly critical. I think its time to release some funds to help support those who supported and will continue to support on the next leg of the forsaken lands. You want Merch to bring and have there. let me know and wagdie merchant can help

Let’s get this crackin’ then…

Been looking at a few venues. Would love some opinions.

Neo Gothic Church
Looks very cool, price is great, but it’s a bit out of the way compared to where a lot of the other action is happening. Not a big deal if we make this a good destination to visit, but it’s an option if we wanted to lean hard into aesthetic.
Neo Gothic Church | Rent this location on Giggster

Brick Loft / Studio
There’s a ton of different spaces like this one, but the idea here would be to get a (basically) empty space and port our own setup. This might mean additional cost renting some furniture, but we’d have the most control over the layout and design.
Historic Brick LOFT/Studio | Rent this location on Giggster

Cocktail Bar
Another example with many such options available, but this is the simplest / easiest lift of them all; we rent out a bar. They’re not particularly well themed, but whatever, right? It’s a place to drink and maybe set up a few funzone stations. They’re also very “acceptable” to non-WAGDIE crowd who might just want to pop in curiously, but won’t go far in selling them on our concept — that’ll need to come from some other aspect.
Cocktail bar in Brooklyn | Rent this location on Giggster

Downtown Patio / Performance Art Space
This is if we wanted to go a little more wild and actually do some sort of performance / ritual / burning, or some such… It’s an outdoor space, and we could do a lot more, but it would really have to be centered around some sort of “show” to be worthwhile. I don’t know if we can pull that off without someone jazzed to create a theatrical experience, but there are a few similar places like this. (this is the most likely to allow any sort of fire, btw)
Downtown Gallery Patio & Performance Space | Rent this location on Giggster

Again, none of these are fixed, specific, but are options within their respective concepts. There are likely better choices once we dial in on what the right move is.

Hit replies with your fave, or go and explore yourself for examples of different venue types. I’ll reiterate than I’m not a NYC (or USA) native, so my selections are stifled. If anyone knows some dope places that they’re personally connected to, don’t hesitate to speak up!


Some cool options for less $$ than I thought!

I reckon for max impact, go for the bar with funzone stations and maybe a custom WAGDIE cocktail or something. Pay the bar staff to be in costume, discounted drinks if you order in character.

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Throwing facts here, @Dontfeedthewolf mentions there’s no Apefest at NFT NYC this year, and overall attendance might be substantially lower… Debate amongst yourselves whether there is value remaining.

It’s still likely to be big though? Like, bigger than NFT LA/Miami?

Other option would be more defi targeted events like Consensus or EthDenver I guess?

Or more gaming events like GenCon

GenCon was good, but would want to appear with a full booth and proposition to the average consumer if we were to re-attend. Had written a solid full onboarding plan for last time, but it all came together rather too late, and wasn’t really executable.

That said, if we were to focus super hard on some web2 offerings ahead of August we could definitely have something worthwhile there. But, that’s a lot of items eating a lot of expense on the road to something also expensive.

The community might need to collectively decide a “strategy” if we’re going to make sense of our myriad potential opportunities.


Maybe this is what I’ve been trying to think of. I would support this and would like to have conclave funds allocated to this immediately.

I could help put a small business plan together on it. On boarding people int the project isn’t hard.

No crypto? No MetaMask?

Oh you do have meta mask.

Download OpenSea. Buy.

Download twitter.

That’s organic growth.

Next dungeon crawl, we should also have someone video stream the dungeon and video side by side

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To help with funding some like conclave could sell ToC to help fund. Community members paying their own tickets but allowed capital to operate could help with over funding possibly