Proposal: WAGDIE Shorts

Proposal: WAGDIE Shorts

WAGDIE Shorts is a weekly series of low-poly animated comedy skits featuring popular characters from The Forsaken Lands.


The videos will provide a new avenue for people to discover WAGDIE while celebrating the community, and lore.

Each week @atriox (AKA BussinBoy) will storyboard, and produce a comedic animated skits
45 - 90 sec long. It will premiere via @wagdieweekly and a new @wagdie tiktok account on a fixed schedule.

The first video will release 2 weeks after funding.
This proposal seeks to fund 20 videos, over as many weeks.

Production of the videos will require a 0.15 ETH investment per video, paid on delivery of each final cut.

With a runway of 20 videos, this will require 3 ETH from The Conclave.

Funds will be held by gnosis safe wagdieshorts.eth and be co-signed by @kingoffling and @atriox at each release.


WAGDIE Shorts is a fun media project that will create many laughs, and potentially showcase a lighter side of the project to some newcomers.


Fully support this. If videos can be kept under 60 seconds could also double post as shorts on youtube (2nd largest search).


This will eclipse everything we have ever created.

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Nice work on the thoughtful mockup! I really like the work you put into the branding.

The asking cost for this endeavor seems very highly priced at 3eth for the function of promotional marketing and community fun. In the interest of financial prudence, I would definitely push for a reduction of the asking amount.

To be as clear as possible regarding the allocation of funds, are you solely receiving the full amount for this prop?

EDIT: For clarification, its not a comment on talent or worth but amount in the treasury. Any lowering of ask should reflect the quantity of video output such that no value you’ve assigned to your art is lost. I hope you don’t feel discouraged!

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Hi Josiah,

Each video is released weekly, so the full amount will be paid out in the course of 20 weeks.
This means 0.15 per week. Most of the video’s cost about 10-12 hours of production.

This includes :

β€’ Drawing & Ideating the ideas into a storyboard.
β€’ Collecting, and Downloading Assets to be used or Created.
β€’ Creating the Scene in a 3D Program.
β€’ Animate the Characters & Interactions.
β€’ Cut & ADD extra Effects in After Effects.
β€’ Sound Design + Music

I would be the sole receiver yes but the plan was made with @KingOffling so it’s all good to use the assets. ( wich i do edit - for fingers / armatures/ re-paint textures etc…)

With taxes this would still come down to about half the hourly of an animator, so while it may seem alot it’s also alot of hours i have to put into the content.

Love this idea! Can’t wait to see this in action!! Also maybe new characters??? !!



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Yah, all the money to the bussie.
I’m just keyholder on the gnosis so he gets his work done.

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Thanks for the response :handshake:

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Gnosis Established

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