Draft Proposal: cross project raid on wagdie.net

Somedays before, @0xG made WAGDIE Battle and I think it’s almost finished or already ready for something…

We had a talk from @Coldworld about the Marketing issue and we used did battle with GENE_SIS before, so I’m thinking about whether can we make something cross-project raids by the WAGDIE in BATTLE.

For these, I got some ideas based on PVE & PVP section.


  1. BOSS from WAGDIE / other projects Monster for mission

  2. Set individual awards and project awards for the joiner

2.1 Project Awards

  • Most Damage
  • Most Joiner
  • Speed Runner

2.2 Individual awards

  • Single account who own most character and joined.
  • Highest individual damage

-PVP (Individual)

  1. We can refer to FIFA World Cup
    Qualifiers inside project β†’ Project VS Project β†’ Final Round

  2. Merch?
    WAG? Artwork different project character fighting scenes
    Clothing or Souvenirs?

-The prize for the Winner / Project / Joiner

  1. ETH (Most easy and the most effective one)

  2. POAP / WAG Work for Winner

  3. Physical trophy

Feel free to drop any ideas!

Respect everyone did for WAGDIE.


Love both of these ideas.

In particular I like the idea of making a PVE with a β€œboss” from another project as the target, with prizes for participation.

The grand tournament idea is great too. If we wanted to go the extra mile, it could be combined with some of the ideas @tenacity.eth had around a themeatic TOC used for entry.

Or my idea to use the treasury to buy 16 WAGDIE, metadata update each to better represent their project (could be a simple as a cap), then have them battle it out in the tournament.