Draft Proposal: Public Dungeon for outsider


  1. Create a dungeon for outsiders (based on click to interactive website)
  2. A collection donโ€™t affect wagdie main storyline (time-limited mint)

I had keep monitor the @wagdie_eth followers. Itโ€™s dropping but I know itโ€™s not a index to affect our passion. I saw The Arcane Council storyline had been attract some people who not wagdie holder, I guess story making is a kind of wagdie feature.
I just love wagdie and want to spread it, no any other reasons.

We making a game/dungeon things. when player/outsider join or completed, they would allow to mint 1 token(ticket or concord). It can be hidden achievement or common item in some place at game.

A page of fateofwagdie.com
Game/Dungeon making - *** Point 1 ***
Token Image/Story

---------- *** Point 1 *** ----------
For the game or dungeon, we can use some opensource Dungeon or game to remake. I saw the A dark room(Interactive fiction game) open source before. just a idea.


Feel free to drop any idea or any comment. :skull_and_crossbones:


One idea that Iโ€™ve been toying with (but havenโ€™t had time or capacity to execute on) is some sort of Choose Your Own Adventure experience. Newcomers go through the experience, make a few choices, learn about WAGDIE, and enjoy a taste of our best feature.

If someone is willing to take up the challenge of producing this, theyโ€™d have my full support.


Welcome to the forum @Cisab! I agree that the project should offer an experience similar to what you describe.

I like the idea of introducing someone to the world of WAGDIE through a โ€œChoose Your Own Adventureโ€ story, as @KingOffling suggested.

Seems like it would be a good entry for our proposed Game Jam - letโ€™s discuss that event further sometime soon.


That sometime soon is fast approaching.
My intention was to host it in late January.

Thanks for it. but Iโ€™m not sure is it suitable for game jam.

For these, I would try to learn/make something like Interactive fiction.
and should be based on HTML (easily access).

Maybe itโ€™ll take a long time (depends on the learning process)
but first idea, I would refer to some games character build (e.g. Mount and Blade / Wartales)

but Iโ€™m not good at writing, maybe I need someoneโ€™s help for writing the lore, background history, or something when I confirm Iโ€™m ready for the next step.



You could get started quite simply with something like Twine.


Itโ€™s free, and can produce something easily playable; though I do believe it could be easily cheated through URL editingโ€ฆ though, I havenโ€™t played / used Twine in a long, long, time and their main exploit might have beeen remedied by now.

Either way, you could get a start blocking out some ideas.

Another option would be to use something like Typeform.

Itโ€™s got a nicer aesthetic, and relatively simple use. Though, again, I believe could be โ€œcheatedโ€.


Got some ideas for it, but I canโ€™t totally do it by myself.
Since some technical limitations of it.

My idea is going to make something like Drama / Wagdie story / Text Adventure with an ERC721 contract,

Mint โ†’ Adventurer Proof / Card โ†’ Snapshot Vote the move like wagdie

but we going to set one more thing and it stores in the ERC721 metadata and is displayed on the card / proof adventurerโ€™s own.

And we separate the vote to World Vote & Individual Vote

World Vote: Vote for Main Storyline

Individual Vote: it is based on the World story and makes different options for the adventurer, then options will make more options in the next stage.

Some of it may die, nothing, or gain some item on their card, and some items may unlock the special options at some stage.

Reason: used thought about manifold.xyz but they made a burn fee (around 0.00069 maybe $1 USD) and I guess their standard contract may not minimize the gas fee.

Part I can do: Art or story part and I can make that ERC721 contract


  1. dApps? or any method to manage the data of Individual votes.
  2. someone to discuss storyline and vote options

Feel free to comment on anything, I still thinking about what can I explore or do.

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This is fantastic Cisab; your passion is electric.

@KingOffling is playing with some ideas utilizing a different route. Would love to see you two collaborate on this.