Isk's WAGDIE Giveaway

Giveaway Challenge:

Create epic lore around any of my WAGDIEs, for a chance of winning that WAGDIE.

My WAGDIEs (screenshotted for this proposal)

Prize, primary winner, and bonus winners:

  • Iโ€™ll give the primary winner the WAGDIE that they used in their lore.
  • I promise one primary winner. I might pick additional โ€œbonus winnersโ€ โ€“ but honestly more than one winner is unlikely.
  • โ€œWAGDIE tiersโ€ โ€“ Tiers 1 and above have an equal chance of being the one primary winner. The chance of being a bonus winner depends on the tier.
  • These tiers are;
    • Tier 0: my profile pic (3040) canโ€™t be won in this giveaway even by the primary winner.
    • Tier 1: Practically no chance of being bonus winners.
      WAGDIEs: 1803, 2552, 2763, 2915, 3627, 4674.
    • Tier 2: Extra small chance to be bonus winners.
      WAGDIEs: 769, 848, 1362, 2727, 2905, 2928, 3603, 4280, 4445, 5259, 6364, 6450, 6467
    • Tier 3: Everything else. Typically small chance of being bonus winners.
  • I might modify these tiers before the final giveaway announcement.


Iโ€™ll announce final terms of the giveaway on or before Dec 10th, allowing up to two weeks for proposal feedback. It will end with a Snapshot vote starting Jan 14th, running through at least Jan 21st.

Picking winners:

  • No formal scoring system. Things Iโ€™m thinking about, roughly in order of how important they are to me, are;
  • Broaden participation.
    • Accounts that are already making good lore are less likely to be any winner. However, I acknowledge this canโ€™t be enforced if you create the lore from a new, anonymous account.
  • Increase engagement.
    • Ideally the challenge and lore could introduce more people to the world of WAGDIE. Things like retweets, tweet engagement, โ€ฆ will increase the chance of being any winner.
  • Collaboration on content
    • Iโ€™d love to see our current lore masters working with new people to help them create epic content. The chance of winning will be increased by things like in-character replies or in-character quote retweets from other creators that build on the lore, or lore pieces featuring other creators.
  • Assistance with reach
    • Iโ€™d love to see people helping to increase the reach of giveaway content. Eg getting retweets by users with many followers will increase the chance of being a primary winner.
  • Consistency
    • People who make lore early and often through the duration of the giveaway will have a better chance of being a primary winner.
  • Community feedback via a snapshot vote. Iโ€™ll focus on:
    • The comments submitted via messages in the vote.
    • The number of addresses voting in the snapshot vote.
    • The lore quality reputation of the voters โ€“ so eg votes by M3rllin and Julian would matter a lot.
    • I will ignore the WAGDIE weights in the votes.
  • Entertain me. Lore that I like is more likely to win, especially as a bonus winner.

Sales caveats;

  • If the WAGDIE you want is sold before the competition ends, that sucksโ€ฆ But Iโ€™ll do a few things to make this less likely.
  • I wonโ€™t remove existing listings, but I generally donโ€™t plan to add more listings between now and the giveawayโ€™s end. And I specifically promise not to create/modify listings for WAGDIEs that people use for this giveaway.
  • I might accept bids >0.1 ETH on some Tier 3 or Tier 4 WAGDIEs, but I wonโ€™t accept bids on the ones being used for this giveaway.

Conclave costs


Awesome so to be clear, this isnโ€™t a proposal asking for funding. Rather this is LARP Giveaway opportunity for anyone to LARP any of your current characters for a chance to win that char and youโ€™re using the Conclave to get eyes on this giveaway as well as want to use the Conclave to get a community vote on who wins?

Yup, exactly

(typing more for 20 character limit)

Awesome feel free to add an:

Overal Cost | The total cost to implement the proposal (in ETH)

None, Author (I, Isk) am offering one of my own Wagdie and am covering the cost of gas to transfer?

or anything to make it clear the giveaway isnโ€™t asking for funding. Really love this idea look forward to hearing others thoughts

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@isk i would also be willing to help provide a shirt (size availability permitting) to second or third place larpers as well. Happy to discuss through DM


Iโ€™ll probably wait until after the new year now since most people are a bit busy now

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