Retrospective reward for Prince Ham Doe (hamdoe.eth) for work on map

I might have missed it, but there’s no reward yet?

The interactive map development has reached it’s first milestone with locations pins and integration with Wiki. And now it’s also integrated into Character sheets on More cool features are incoming. Many people in the community expressed how they love this work.

We (community) need to make sure the community contributions are always rewarded.
This is what Conclave is for also. Let’s discuss what we can do for @PrinceHamDoe. I say it’s at least Artificer’s Crystal and some help in extending his Fool’s Crown collection.


Zero doubt in my mind this work is deserving of recognition and reward.

My only question is if @PrinceHamDoe intends to build a proposal for his continued work on it, and a roadmap for all those juicy features he’s been dreaming of.

Really, I’m down to back whichever path @PrinceHamDoe prefers because his work is unparalleled.


Thank you for this @tenacity.eth ! The map started as a side passion project that doubled as a learning opportunity. And it’s turned out greater than expected, which is awesome!

@KingOffling , yes, I think now is a good time for me to draft a proposal for the remaining work. Give me some time to take inventory and get that going.

With the addition of the Map’s integration into the Character Sheets, there are new features to consider, so that is also exciting!


I’m 100% in agreement with this request. As per the indication above from @PrinceHamDoe a complete proposal is being planned. I believe it would be a good idea to address retrospective rewards and future funding all at once.


Absolutely we should do this and also looking forward to an actual proposal.


Now that you mention the map’s integration with character sheets, and the Location Staking Coming Soon… Got me thinking about what purpose the map might serve in the longterm. :thinking:

Non-sequitor to the issue at hand, but this is now on my mind.

I’m in favor of pushing a reward for @PrinceHamDoe now, and letting him sort out the rest of his proposal plans later.

Considering wagdie.eth owns 10 crystals (and a crown!), I’d be interested to see if we could levey this proposal to get them to send some over as @tenacity.eth’s suggested reward.

:thinking: Do we have that power?


Yes, if Prince needs help drafting Proposal I’m sure there are many willing to assist - plus once drafted in here the Discourse can come together to help iron it out.

But for the short-term also curious about this, maybe @Icculus can weigh in

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Closing this as the Map Proposal has already been created/passed, and retroactive rewards was decided against by the Conclave.