The Forsaken Lands: YWNS Lore Guidebook Completion & Print

Proposal for Forsaken Lands Book Completion & Printing of 1,000 copies
(Forsaken Lands: YWNS Lore Guide - ~80 pages)

Brenon64 is requesting 6.6 Ethereum to finalize the β€œForsaken Lands” book, an 80-page strategy and lore guide featuring high-quality illustrations and lore-driven content, designed to accompany the game β€œYou Will Not Survive” (YWNS).

To enhance the YWNS gameplay experience and expand the WAGDIE universe through a detailed and beautifully illustrated guide.

Detailed Budget

  • Illustrations and Design Layout: Funds allocated for the creative time and labor required for custom illustrations, design layout, and production of the book. (~80 pages) ~$7,000
  • Physical Copies: $12,300 for printing and delivering 1,000 magazine-sized paperback strategy guide books at $13 per copy.
  • Print Testing Fee: $300 for an Epson printer ink package, ensuring quality control before mass production.

Completion is planned in alignment with the release of YWNS to provide simultaneous access to both the game and the book.

The β€œForsaken Lands” book promises to significantly enhance the player experience and community engagement within the WAGDIE universe.

Supporting this project will foster a richer game experience and contribute to the depth of the WAGDIE universe, making β€œForsaken Lands” a significant addition to the community.

Thank you for your consideration & thoughts.


Example Artworks

*All artworks works-in-progress & may vary from final
*For conclave eyes only, artworks pending