The Forsaken Lands: YWNS Companion Guide (REVISED PROP)

Proposal for The Forsaken Lands Book Completion & Printing of 333 copies

(Forsaken Lands: YWNS Lore Guide - ~88 pages)


Brenon64 is requesting 3.3 Ethereum to finalize the β€œThe Forsaken Lands” book, an 88-page strategy and lore guide featuring high-quality illustrations and lore-driven content, designed to accompany the game β€œYou Will Not Survive” (YWNS).


  • To enhance the YWNS gameplay experience and expand the WAGDIE universe through a detailed and beautifully illustrated guide.
  • Secondary Objective: Bring additional lifeblood to the WAGDIE storyline and community in the form of a rare physical collectible - available for free claim (while supplies last) 1 per WAGDIE holder.
  • Free digital download of lore-guide book for purchasers of YWNS on steam.

Detailed Budget

  • Illustrations and Design Layout: Funds allocated for the creative time and labor required for custom illustrations, design layout, and production of the book. (~88 pages+promotional materials for YWNS) ~$6,000.

  • Physical Copies: $3,946 for printing 333 magazine-sized paperback strategy guide books at $12 per copy(cost).

  • Physical copies are first available to claim for free to the first 333 WAGDIE holders who submit for physical claim: after completing a later determined steps, such as wishlisting YWNS.
  • Print Testing Fee: $300 for an Epson printer ink package, ensuring quality control before mass production.

  • ** Digital Product Version ** - Free digital download with wishlist of YWNS on steam. Full-resolution PDF book of all pages and content, and included in the back section is all issues available of Lost Pilgrim: a wagdie story.

  • ** Concept Art/ Key Art for YWNS ** - the creative produced will also be going to benefit the marketing materials and quality of promo art with the addition of Key Art for YWNS from the Forsaken Lands: YWNS Lore Guide.

  • Included in the labor mentioned above
    • Produce adverts and promo materials for the coming YWNS launch
    • Output industry standard art pieces and designs for promo materials for YWNS, before launch.
      • YWNS Print Promotional Material
      • YWNS Digital Promotional Material

Total Budget: $10,246. ~ 3.3eth


Completion is planned in alignment with the release of YWNS to provide simultaneous access to both the game and the book.


The β€œForsaken Lands” book promises to significantly enhance the player experience and community engagement within the WAGDIE universe.

Supporting this project will foster a richer game experience and contribute to the depth of the WAGDIE universe, making β€œForsaken Lands” a significant addition to the community.

Thank you for your consideration & thoughts.


*All artworks works-in-progress & may vary from final product.

*Conclave confidential concept-art


I feel like this would be something we deliver post game launch? YWNS isn’t even ready to be shipped. I believe many things would change between now and then. Rewriting that book over and over.

I really like the idea, but would wait until the game is fully delivered.

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Labor includes the above for pre-sale, and sales of YWNS. Marketing material before launch.

Also, as mentioned in the Discord, it would be β€œOK” to hold the funds for printing until after game release if that’s desired. But the budget for labor would be needed sooner, rather than after YWNS release due to scheduling/work on my end, because I’m full-time except for some brief moments in the coming month(s), with which I can have a window of dedicated time.

PS I dont use any AI imagery/generative, it’s all handmade and takes several hours to produce, but I think it provides for longevity and quality in the final product(digital & physical) for years to come.

(Nothing wrong with AI I just dont use it for the art/illustrations or design elements.)

One vision for all of this artwork is to usable for a long time in subsequent YWNS/WAGDIE efforts.

Thank you for all considerations and feedback.