Treasury Tracking

Presumably someone is keeping track of approved expenditure … can this be saved somewhere visible so we know how the treasury is being utilized?

Happy to help compile/visualize as required.

I also think it would be prudent to include this summary in future funding request proposals for context.


There’s a tracker in the discord? Do you mean more like a ledger showing the deductions?

Before any visualizing/attribution to proposals are in place, it’s kinda ok to see stuff by looking up transaction history on the Gnosis Safe.

There is the Gnosis Safe but I am assuming @chimaera is also referring to pending transactions upon completion of funds already committed (which isn’t present)

Payments pending for Proposals:

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Yeah, I was thinking more along the the lines of a simple summary (visual or not), like:

Starting Balance: $160k
Funded 1: -$10k (link)
Funded 2: -$15k (link)
Running balance: $140k

Proposed funding:
Prop 1: $11k (link)

But if nobody else sees the need, I’m close enough that I can live with Gnosis + Snapshot.

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We have the ledger on the blockchain, but breaking it out and making it easier to read in an excell/googlesheet format might not be a bad idea - could have it somewhere in Conclave as well as Library Discord so anyone can easily see where we started, where we are at, where we are projected to go based on passed proposals…

Seeing this information may be great so more people are thinking about long-term/sustainability of funds and how we can increase not just bleed it out @chimaera

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Will be excited for when there’s a positive on the balance sheet :slight_smile: but having a visualizes ledger could be helpful for people in and especially on the outside looking into see how we operate. Seeing the spaces the other day I think there’s huge potential to show and explain wagdie to other communities curious into web 3/CC0/utility/story


I made a simple Dune dashboard for treasury tracking.

I will be adding incoming and outgoing transactions.

Transaction tracking added


Awesome, thanks for this!