WIP 6: WAGDIE QUEST - Events System

It would be lovely to turn this into something more collective and cooperative thing like making community members propose their own quest ideas and voting those ideas and reward the ones who has been choosen.


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Thanks for the feedback!!

Gonna work on some adjustments based on feedback/convo’s with y’all:

  • Change focus from 1/2/3 months of event content to X/Y/Z deliverables
  • Deliverables will include:
    1. WAGDICE - Developing an on-chain dice roller WAGDICE for community + these events. (between my product background and Poof’s tech connections we can do this!)
    2. OPEN SOURCE EVENT SYSTEM - Open sourcing the content system so anyone can use / put on events, and events are revenue generating for conclave
    3. ITEM SHOP - Building out a store economy where 50% of revenue goes to conclave
    4. HOSTED EVENTS - Some events that I host to fine-tune the system, and create content for the next month or two

Stay tuned!


Love it! thanks for those considerations :slight_smile:

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The burner vs. savior and the Tournament of Death were the most entertaining community made events to date. I didn’t participate in the tourney, but we had some great play-by-play commentary making it entertaining for all in spaces. The flavor text on each hit went a long way too.

From a bystander’s perspective, I still think the way the info is presented could use some work. It was a bit cumbersome to have to repeatedly refresh the twitter feed for updates, keep the updated bracket open in another tab, pin updates to the spaces, etc.

I don’t have a great answer for this, but I think it’s important to consider the viewer for these live events. One suggestion I had was a twitch stream or even a discord room with a shared screen. I think a little could go a long way here. I’d be happy with a screen of someone refreshing the twitter feed.


Glad to see this proposal develop. I had similar thoughts to some of you having read the opening post:

  • Is there a revenue opportunity?
  • How can we keep @0xthriving motivated to pursue something like this without such a large treasury outlay.
  • Option D proposed takes more than 10% of the treasury for a 3 month timeline, so would need to create a massive impact, in my opinion.

On that last point, I think this proposal should be refined and revised following this week’s first attempt. My fear is that it plays to a small, already committed WAGDIE audience rather than having broad appeal/attracting newbies.

Potentially evidenced by this week’s Quest not yet being subscribed (with just 8 slots).

Don’t want this to sound negative, I love the idea, the interactive nature, the integration with WAGDIE. I was all for it until the funding request part and timescales which made me question the ROI.


The proposal has been updated to include feedback from everyone!

In addition to creating the hosted events/content, proposal is now focused much more on:

  • Creating a self-sustaining content system more of the community can use in future or that we can fund via conclave if we choose
  • Creating revenue streams via entry events + an item shop
  • Making a WAGDICE on-chain rolling tool for these events and all of WAGDIE (thanks poof for helping think through this!)
  • Live streaming via twitch to make the events more approachable/engaging

I shifted some of the time I would have spent making more events myself into building out some of the systems, the dice tool, the item shop, and the live streaming aspect - trying to make this more of an asset to WAGDIE so future content anyone wants to make can be done more easily, cheaply, and organically. So there’s less events, and more deliverables in this update.


I have one more set of changes I’m considering after thinking about feedback more…

I’d like to add/tweak a deliverable to ensure optimal chances of having community members run their own quests/events! At the end of the day, I think this system could be very valuable to the community just off of me running events that are interactive/engaging. but it will be much more impactful if we can try and get more people involved via hosting/participating - i can’t guarantee what others will do, but i think orienting the deliverables this way can help us get more hosts/content made and scale this impact!

  • open sourcing of material (already planned above) w/instructions
  • two live ‘trainings’ for how to run your own event
  • two community run events i get others to sign-up for
  • some prize money set aside for future community events
  • this emphasizes the value of WAGDICE bc that’s an impt part of how we run these games on-chain (and my current way is JANKY af)

Will try and update this tomorrow or Fri!


Really like the idea of educating the community on how to run their own WAGDIE Quest experiences. It’s going to be an essential part of it persisting within the ecosystem.

Will suggest properly documenting a “Dungeon Masters Guide” of sorts, that explains how to run the sessions as priority over the live trainings. They’ll persist long after the knowledge of the sessions is gone, and will be a consistent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to do this.

Regarding the prizes for community stuff, I’d like to investigate the possibility of registering “Game Masters” as subdomains beneath a wagdiequest.eth domain to provide security, authenticity, and some level of program-approval to those wanting to officiate the events.

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things, but I think there’s something to having game runners operate under fresh wallets with an officiated stamp — when you see that the game’s being run by balyan.wagdiequest.eth, you know it’s (probably) not a scam.

It keeps things cleaner vs sending community prizes to private wallets and mingling with personal trades, etc. Plus, some level of multisig could be required on those for distributing / burning the NFTs, eliminating the situation where community prizes are stolen and people’s characters are pinched or burned unfairly.


that makes sense! will think about how to do this a bit more. like the point on dungeon master guide emphasis over live trainings.

i was thinking that having all prizes, entry fees (wagdie + eth) go to the same multi-sig wallet would be essential for this. subdomain idea could be a cool way to do it.


I’ve updated this proposal based on learnings + feedback from the first run of quests!

  • Updated the options to focus middle option (C) on open sourcing the content systems/guides for community to host
  • Updated the options to focus higher option (D) on building out tools WAGDICE and image system to make the content higher quality, faster, more accessible to host
  • Made some other tweaks/improvements to descriptions of the systems, and updated some places where we referred to the first quest event not having been hosted - now that we’ve hosted it!

I feel like this proposal is in pretty good shape now, but would love to hear if anyone has any other comments / thoughts before we consider putting it to the wider community.

Thanks for the support!

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I honestly think this is good to go.

Also separately, WAGDICE is in the works already so assume that will be taken care of. :slight_smile:


Excellent! If we end up not needing to pay for WAGDICE at all, or less than proposed, we can put that money into the prize purse - that we can give out for more quests I run, or ideally others in community start to host :slight_smile:

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I personally love the questing experience and think it’s a great way to enjoy what we’ve created as a community and bring in visibility to the project. I believe this isn’t an issue to fund today but for this to be an ongoing experience it’s probably a good idea to consider how to make this more sustainable in the future in the event the treasury isn’t able to continue funding down the road.

A couple random thoughts:

  1. What if a small entrance fee was required to participate? This could go towards funding the experience and future prize pools.

  2. What if these experiences were riskier and death could result in loss of token? Rather than burning the token it would go to the questing wallet and could provide a future “rescue” opportunity as a reward, and/or be sold to fund the questing wallet?

  3. Hosts should petition the crowd for tips :slight_smile:

Obviously, these ideas needs to be fleshed out more but I’m trying to think of a means to make this a more sustainable experience.

Also, timing should be strategically planned and we should make an effort to raise awareness and market these events as a community to gain the most visibility.

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I feel like this worked out great in the first Quest that we ran and I think this should be a standard. I don’t mind having the Conclave fund the first Quest or so and investing in the labor/costs to build this and make it open-sourced… but I do have to agree that I think Quests could be self-funded by participants wagering in and donations from Community.

Ultimately what we have to always be thinking of is long-term and sustainability. We want these things to be self-sustained.

@hersilence.eth and @Dontfeedthewolf - updated with these reccos! These are great, and I’ve shifted the proposal to be more oriented around self sustainability and less around the initial hosted quests. I think the idea of the initial prizes to help get it off ground, but making it more about community participation/contribution, and getting clever with that (i like the ‘rescue’ idea!) will make that great.

Also, 0xG has offered to be development partner for the image generator/website to make this higher quality experience, so I think we have a strong opportunity to make that product quickly if the higher funding is agreed to.



Really excited for this one. Getting the dice rolling and actions automated + imagery if possible - so whomever is hosting can just focus on narration — I’m sure would make your life easier too for hosting.

You’re a machine for creating the images, rolling the dice and narrating it all manually. The quest + 32 tournament must have been insane and the work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Self sustainability will be crucial for longevity. Automating and on-chain for trustless and functionality + saving time to allow for the DM / host to basically have fun with just delivering narration for the events.

Could even consider scripting storylines and using code to point to char names to have that automated too at some point. Although I think people will always prefer hosts like yourself to deliver the text.

But having something like this will be an amazing tool for both WAGDIE devs and community. As for the prizes of tournaments and events, I think that can always come after and be handled per each.

Some will be more insane than others, imagine high rollers wanting to play and raising stakes. Others may be less intense but fitting for the groups that play. It can be adapted to those who participate and that’s key.


Proposal is live for voting on Snapshot


Proposal passed with $14k Funding: Snapshot

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