WIP 5: WAGDIE Recap Podcast

The WAGDIE Recap Podcast provides 5-10 minute theatrical narrated episodes recapping the key events within the WAGDIE narrative in an audio format through podcast syndication on popular platforms like Spotify. It has already produced 3 well-received episodes.

Funding through this proposal will ensure the continued development of the WAGDIE Recap Podcast. It will ensure that episode production can be properly motivated, while also driving a schedule that provides an opportunity for the podcast to reach the present story beat, and find a routine release pattern.

Delivering the WAGDIE narrative to more audiences in new formats is the keystone to more widespread awareness and adoption of the property. Offering a brief audio podcast format of the entire experience will allow a much wider audience of players and newcomers to enjoy the content, but also prepare themselves for integration in the active storyline.

The first three episodes of the WAGDIE Recap Podcast on Spotify have been unanimously well-received and it has come to general agreement that its advancement would have a positive impact in the effort to onboard newcomers, providing entertainment, and exposing the WAGDIE narrative to the wider fantasy (non-crypto) audience.

Formalizing this proposal would provide funding for the individuals who have been crucial to the podcast’s current production, as well as provide the incentive and schedule to ensure its continued production.

The following will be the product of this proposal:

  • 5-10 minute narrative audio programs
    • Each episode progresses coverage of the WAGDIE storyline
    • High quality theatrical production including music and sound effects
    • Syndicated on popular podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify) using PodBean
  • Routine release schedule delivered on a weekly basis
    • 2 episodes per week initially
    • 1 episode per week, once brought to present story beat

These are the steps to accomplish this proposal:

  • Put proposal to snapshot voting for approval of retainer funding
  • Definition of prefered release dates (Tuesdays and Thursdays?)
  • Talent produces and syndicastes episodes in accordance with schedule
  • Conclave releases monthly funds to the talent in return for their production

Once operational, the WAGDIE Recap Podcast will operate on a weekly schedule, releasing 2 episodes per week until it is caught up to the present point of the narrative, and then reverting to one episode per week thereafter. There will need a 1-week lead time on production for the first pair of episodes, but will be routinely delivered thereafter.

We estimate that it will take 16 episodes to catch up to present timeline (it would require 12 if the story stopped today), and thus a total of 2 months before we are at the edge of the narrative.

By the third month, production will be down to 1 episode per week but can operate as a month-to-month operation in perpetuity. We will recommend a total 6-month period before renewing this proposal for a second approval.

Cost for these productions will be handled on a per-episode basis, delivered monthly to the talent producing the shows. The Concord of Research has already covered syndication costs.

Each episode will cost a total of $300 for payment towards a voice actor, script writer and audio engineer.

The first two months would each require $2,400 for 8 episodes per.
Each month thereafter would require $1,200 for 4 episodes per.

  • Option A:

    • 3 months of production
    • 20 episodes
    • $6,000 expense
  • Option B:

    • 6 months of production
    • 32 episodes
    • $9,600 retainer
  • Option C:

    • 12 months of production
    • 56 episodes
    • $16,800 retainer

While Option A would provide a 3 month production schedule enough to get the podcast caught up to present storyline, Option B and Option C secure conclave funding as a retainer for the continued production of the podcast, delivered only alongside episode completion.

Payment will be made monthly at the beginning of the month based on the number of episodes completed within the month prior.

Funding for the WAGDIE Recap Podcast would provide financial motivation to three talented community members, while generating many hours of satisfying WAGDIE audio content that can be used as an onboarding tool, an entertainment experience, and a resource for players.


Obviously gonna put forth @Gina as the Voice Actor for this project.


Agree with this, for those who don’t know she’s already been the voice thus far.

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Also, for the record @mmerc has been doing audio production.
Though, he has mentioned that he’s got a new job and can’t take this position.

For writing, I handled episode 001 and 003. @themarshall wrote episode 002.
@themarshall edited episode 001, and I edited episode 002.

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@KingOffling I think this is another great initiative and the costs seem reasonable.

When you say

Do you have stats on how many unique listeners per episode? I am not personally a huge podcast listener so have to admit I have not (yet) listened to those that exist.

My gut would be to approve the 3 months funding request, get caught up, and assess impact/reach at that point.

As a side note (perhaps for @Dontfeedthewolf ) I assume the Conclave Reps will be assessing these proposals not only in isolation, but in entirety … because we now already have 3-4 proposals requesting (up to) five digit investments, half the treasury could be gone in no time. Perhaps funding requests should be batched and processed periodically, eg weekly/fortnightly so there is an element of comparison (eg I may vote for the podcasts, but decline the game because I think one has more potential than the other). Hope that makes sense.


Yes we’ve had a system in place since we started. Proposals are reviewed on Mondays (weekly). We also allow them time to gain traction and engagement while offering guidance to the authors for how to best prepare them.

When I say unanimously well-received, I mean nobody said it sucks. :joy:

Regarding metrics, there have been 188 downloads so far.
For comparison, there are 240 wagdie holders in the public Discord.

Agree about the funding amounts coming through the conclave, which is why there are multiple options, and it’s designed as a retainer instead of a lump sum β€” only delivered upon completion, and continued delivery / value.

The reason to vote for 6 or 12 months is to ensure that if the podcast is going well and there’s continued desire for it, then there are funds pocketed away for it without having to keep such continuation funding in mind with every forthcoming proposal vote.

I’d be ammenable to adding a review-to-continue vote every 3 months, with the option to cut the production and return the retainer funds to the conclave pool if the community’s not getting what it wants out of this. That way, funds remain available for up to a year for this, but it’s not all guaranteed to be spent (if the value isn’t there).

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Is this a seconding for @Gina as voice actor on this proposal?


Also glad to see you being active in the Conclave, look forward to your suggestions and guidance / definitely appreciate your contributions thus far <3

Yes it most certainly is seconding @Gina as the voice actor. As long as she is able and wishes to continue, she had done an outstanding job thus far.

Alright. Plotting her name in as official Voice Talent!

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So I listened to the podcasts today, finally. Excellent quality and now I’ve heard who Gina is, second/third retaining her talent!


Proposal is live on Snapshot

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I realize I’m too late for this – the vote is already up, but I’m torn on this one.

Personally, I’d much rather listen to the exact same group talk for a 1/2 hour or so about the story, make sense of it, highlight community events, etc. If the motivation is to bring in new audiences, I feel like that would be a better way of approaching it.

The podcast in its current format feels more like a reading of the wiki; i.e. you have to be pretty dialed in already to understand it all (that could just be personal experience talking).

I’m going to vote for 6k funding, partially because work has already been done on this – but I hope we can take this into consideration for the future.


I have thought about that and looked into the different podcast styles. And a lot of the more popular ones are definitely analysis driven, people sitting around joking, talking about things.

But there is also an audience for story podcasts. I think maybe we could record or strip the recordings of the analysis spaces we do after a WAGDIE space and just upload those to spotify as is for what you’re talking about.

I don’t know. What I do know is I definitely do appreciate the work Gina, King and others have already put in and regardless would love to see them compensated and don’t mind if the lowest available option is done to at least catch up and finish out what they can and circle back… check in on numbers, see how it’s doing etc.


Proposal passed with $6k/3 month funding Snapshot