WIP 9: WAGDIE Community Recognition Awards

I would be pleased in the future to see these tokens distributed in many wallets reflecting broad community participation. It’s such an excellent experience for people to participate in governance.

I love the idea of incentivizing conclave representative participation.

This would be an excellent use for a soulbound token; only attainable through participation, not trading. However, no need to overcomplicate it. Simply thinking out loud.

:crescent_moon: Conclave Crescent


So, if The Two are agreeable to the idea of conclave determining its own distribution of this Concord Token, can we not just solve the distribution method by the conclave running public votes for distribution and The Two abides by airdropping them like any other token?

Does it need to be any more complicated than that?

Edit: If there’s a complication or exploit I’m overlooking, do let me know.


My suggestion was giving a set supply to a conclave controlled wallet for distribution.


Yah. No reason that doesn’t work.
How many, tho?

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I suggested 36 initially which equals 6 months of distribution.


@josiah.peace there seems to be a lot for you to consider

It appears there have been mention of certain tools that would be at disposal for this proposal.

Recommendation of a conclave wallet/gnosis/multisig being setup to receive.

Suggestion of requesting up to 36 tokens to start for 6 months of distribution, if 6 were to be dispersed each month.

& overlooking the above proposal, I am thinking you have already read these comments and made edits to the initial proposal? Curious how you as the author are feeling about the proposal and if there are any further edits you wish to make.

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@josiah.peace @Icculus Instead of the proposed domains(conclaverepresentatives.eth wagdieawards.eth), what do you think of a subdomain? Something like conclave.wagdie.eth


yea do as you please, not too important as long as it clear and gets the job done.

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This proposal is ready to push live with the recommendation The Two create a subdomain

conclave.wagdie.eth and point it at this gnosis safe:

Gnosis Safe

Which already has all 6 reps as signers.

Proposal is now live on Snapshot for voting: Snapshot

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Proposal passed 93% in favor: Snapshot

Here is our Gnosis Safe: Safe

If the Two can create subdomain Conclave.Wagdie.eth to point to it.

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Art is being worked on for the Concord.

I’ll look into the ens subdomain.