Community Narrative Threads on FoW

Not quite ready for a proposal on this, but want to revisit the oft-discussed idea of creating some sort of character narrative highlight for Twitter threads such as what M3RL1N and Knight of Despair have produced.

I feel the format of personal narratives told through singular tweet threads is an established, functional, and understood practice amongst the community but discovery is still a challenge. Having some sort of tab on FoW that had a few Twitter threads (not accounts) from the community highlighted would add a tremendous amount of content to the site, and provide some visibility / social benefit to those who are producing such content.

Obviously this would be devโ€™s dev work, so canโ€™t suggest any timeline on such a thing or if theyโ€™d even want to do it, but Iโ€™m curious to discuss the details on how such a system would work.

The greatest challenge I see is deciding the mechanics of which threads, what prominence, and any ongoing approval process must exist. IMHO, going free-for-all would descend into chaos and some sort of curation would make it a more entertaining destination.

As weโ€™ve established a council of artists and a council of devs, we could establish a council of lore to manage that aspect.

Overall, I think thereโ€™s something here. The community comes to the concept independently very often, and itโ€™d be a much better public-facing option than individual wiki pages for community characters.

Curious for othersโ€™ thoughts.
Iโ€™d like to bat this one around for a bit, and then work it to proposal.


There is also @OccultOccurrences Julianโ€™s own journey which I would put him and Merlin up at the top as they can handle voice, video, spaces as well as written.

Then also highlight Knight and others who have written with a couple vid appearances.

Anywaysโ€ฆ I whole heartedly agree and I know others have expressed how hard it is to keep up with or finding a better tool to highlight these thingsโ€ฆ

Maybe for now a section in char sheets where we can link the start of a journal/thread

I thought about if it were in character sheets, and it feels too buried.
Doesnโ€™t solve the discovery problem.

Folks would still need to know the character, then their ID, then go to the page to see the content. Finding just their twitter would even be easier than that.

This concept would have to be something alongside the front page, imho.


I like this idea and it has been discussed already. Think about how it should be presented and how characters are โ€œpromotedโ€ to the front page.

The team can make judgement calls but having a defined way for the community to have some say in the decision would be great.

Timelines will be tough to nail down since there are quite a lot of initiatives already under development. Some you know about, others not yet announced. I do think this is an important feature for the project and think it deserves some priority.


perhaps @wagdie_eth could pin a thread of the community threads on their twitter?

just another ideaโ€ฆ

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Iโ€™ll think about this more, but first thing that came to mind is a Reddit like upvote/downvote system. EG, a tab on Fate of WAGDIE with all the community narrative threads where the better ones would be voted to the top. More work upfront for sure, but would somewhat automate curation.

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I do like this idea as a low-effort means of getting the community threads highlighted.
Can be a nice gap fill before the FoW feature gets developed (if would be).

Though, I do notice that @wagdie_eth uses the pins to keep important votes prevelant.
This would negate that.

We also still have the challenge of deciding which community threads get featured.

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Oohโ€ฆ now thatโ€™s interestingโ€ฆ

Soโ€ฆ maybe anyone can associate a Twitter Thread with a FoW character page they control and it can be displayed there alongside the map / bio / stats. Folks can upvote their faves and the top 10 get featured on a front page tab.

Foreseen challenges:

  • Snowballing votes will make it very difficult for newcomer threads to get featured
  • Players will have to self-promote their character pages to get folks to notice / vote

Part of me likes the democracy of it, but another part is also aware of how Reddit can get gamed, and its weaknesses. Possibly some timer systems, or vote decay would fix the issuesโ€ฆ


I feel like youโ€™re onto something with the Reddit idea