Wish List of Creations (possible proposals)

WAGDIE Mechanics Whitepaper: Listing mechanics and ways to participate / use WAGDIE and Tokens of Concord.

Quest/Event Tracker Is this an app, website, dapp, opt into alert system… idk, but no matter how sandboxy or straight forward a game is… Tracking Quests/Events is something that is always there… From simply showing levels and points increasing with progress to fully listing out Quests in a Main, Side, etc. format…

Idk how or what this looks like, but anyway we can make it easier for people to follow and understand the progress. The Wiki’s keynotes is nice. Library discords Important Info is another attempt.

A quest tracker on the main website and way to opt into receiving alerts? Who knows?

Establishing Factions It’s there. In the traits themselves, in concord tokens, and at the top is The Two, the 17.

I would love a visual showing of these factions and groups, something akin to Josiah’s 17 + traits but also including Tokens of Concord.

There are 3 levels of entry, the 17, the traits and tokens of concord and varying rarity on those traits and tokens to give varying entry points for people.

We have a badass rich lore with deep factions, it would be cool to visualize this like the map, have the 17, have the traits below and the concords below that

Have agora and the serpent as well and align them closest to either or in the middle indifferent to the two.

Think of character alignment charts. There’s something there… we are slowly discovering it… I don’t want to spoil the story… we could have pieces emerge like the map while leaving other areas black and blank until we know…

Marketing Heathy and effective marketing. No shilling, no alpha bs. Real partnerships, press for big events (mayc was incredible organic reach, Beeple burning hardly a whisper).

There is A LOT being done within this community and by this team and we need someone who specializes in getting this information out to the right people in ways that it’s easy to understand, digest and made aware of.

Maybe this can continue being done organically and without a marketer, so many bs artists and scammers in web3. The Gene_Sis battle was an authentic way of engaging with other communities - would love to see WAGDIE battle Deadfellaz and others.

The most important thing is remaining true to our loyal community, not turning into alpha and shill group. Devs should be allowed to remain undoxxed if they please and builders heads down and building within team and community.


This is probably best to be community driven. You all know the mechanics better than anyone.

Basic tracking is on the backlog for fateofwagdie.com. Most discussion was around better illustrating where everyone is, upcoming events etc.

No comment…

We are looking at how best to expand the reach of WAGDIE outside of traditional Web3 communities. There are things possibly being worked on but nothing that can be talked about yet.

For traditional NFT / Community marketing we are not working on anything directly but welcome any ideas or funding proposals. I agree burns are not the way. We can do better.


Basic tracking is on the backlog for fateofwagdie.com. Most discussion was around better illustrating where everyone is, upcoming events etc.

:smile::smile::smile: This makes me very happy. Very critical feature, imho.

Wen marketing?

I think our WAGDIE Brawl Spaces is the best cross-community tool we have. Let’s get some champions or a form or something set up so folks can put us in touch with other project leaders and set up stuff like we did with GENE_SIS. That was a tremendous success, and repeatable.

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This is my big request still:

Devs, take your time, but it will make me quite happy when it arrives.


To support what wolf is seeking for marketing. I truly believe that establishing connections with twitter spaces hosts that talk about various topics. Wagdie is so deep that we could spend HOURS on lore alone. Let alone it’s mechanics and community development.

But I really do think connecting with other spaces hosts or communities that have spaces of 50+ people, Which might cost us (I have no idea how it works for them).

I think if we stayed committed to sharing the project and the essence of wagdie in its relation to web3, C00, burning, lore there’s so much to show and having leaders like king, wolf, josiah, silence, fate. People who are good at conveying the overall theme/message of what wagdie is, is very important. This wouldn’t take just 1 popular space, I think it would take multiple moments and sagas to explaining it from beginning to end without getting too lost in the weeds.

There’s so much opportunity for people, it’s not a simple as buy wagdie stake and maybe get rewarded. But you can create art for detriti and get a toc from the community itself…I’m getting off topic.

The point being there needs to be broad audience reached and it will take getting into other NFT hosts to allow us to share and ask questions and do this regularly to stay consistent for a month or so.

Even allocating a small amount of treasury funds. We see what it takes to allow us to come into groups and talk, get a chance to win a wagdie or we give a wagdie to the host. If they sell it so be it, that’s their reward.

We have been seeing people slowly come in which has been really nice to see, but to get people to understand at its simplest level is what we need. However this project moves so fast and has so many outside content (community content l) that it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. Even if people aren’t buying wagdie but are attending spaces it’s a win. That’s why I think we’re allowed to come up after and speak when the event is over because they want us to be able to engage with the community at its most attended time (when the project hosts its event) but it is a small group who talk.

I rambled, but happy to flesh this out more. I just haven’t stopped thinking of the one spaces we had where king and others were sharing wagdie and people just had no idea on what went on and it’s relationship with web3, c00

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I like this part of the proposal the most. I would be very happy to spend treasury funds for a unique Discord partnership and to basically run a trial of linking nitro membership to an nft token.

This is what I would lead with and only do the proposal if this can be done/is possible. It’s worth the money and could be considered “marketing expense” to offer a unique utility tied to Discord. If they won’t do it, then I’d argue people who can afford WAGDIE can afford nitro.

As someone who does Discord for a living, among other things and has seen many influencers shit on Discord… I would love to be part of figuring out how to pitch this idea to Discord and get them to sign off on it.

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I think this might be a genius idea … Need to review when I have some quality time and map it out. But the idea of the Primordial Lands being a place where your staked WAGDIE might transform somehow is very cool.

Each location could have some kind of mechanic linked. Not “staking rewards” as such (because that’s been done + SEC :male_detective: … ) But as basic examples:

  • generally: 50:50 chance to die vs get a Concord token

  • can only stake in the Wound if you have An Ancient Device mask. Prize: enhanced mask (see Android18), loss: no mask.

  • can stake at the festival if you own a Noxium Brew. Prize: 2x brews, loss: 0

Always a loss vs reward mechanic, somewhat akin to burning

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