Human Resource Directory: Introduction + Skillset + Collaborative Ideas

I also list up skills I deem valuable for bringing the 18th further.

Name: Jeroldt/sirfancy.eth

Soft skills:

  • Writing & Story telling (not on WAGDIE Loremaster level, more in Business Terms)
  • Critical thinker that questions everything
  • Loving to design and optimize systems (literally any kind!)
  • Keeping things together and going (Organizer/Servant Leader)
  • Product Design and Management (PM in the area of IT Services/Infrastructure and Operations for a living)
  • Envisioning, tackling, keeping things going and keep people in good mood (Organizer/Servant Leader)
  • Ability to break down complex things into simpler pieces

Technical skills:

  • Ability to read Solidity on high-level (Understand what a function will probably do)
  • Deploying IT Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure (maybe not needed here :P)
  • Scripting snd Automation (PowerShell pro I tend to say/Bash beginner)
  • WYSIWIG Webdesign (Wix/Wordpress and co.)
  • Flyer/Landingpage/Ilustrations design using Adobe Indesign

Swiss German, German, A bit french (not like the monsieur above), a bit spanish and loads of english.

What time Iโ€˜d be able and willing to invest:
Realistically, a few hours a week could be committed for volunteering tasks.

How I could contribute:
I could imagine to help detailling the lore on the Wiki, evaluating systems/applications to be used and deploying them, proposing additional lore, creating guides to WAGDIE etc.


Writing and acting are two skills i can see finding purpose in this world. We have audio and text, we do strive for more digestible forms of sharing this world.


Hi My name is Bones and I Like to Party!


Name Bus /NotBus.eth
Soft skills
โ€ข community management through discord mod, admin in another server.
Technical Skills
โ€ขnot much in terms of tech but I have a passion for this project and will learn anything necessary to help bring this project further


Links should come with level T1, just a little bit more forum activity and youโ€™ll be there.

Also French writing should come in handy, we have at least one other language than English now we could do creative writing with.


Twitter @tenacity_eth

Technical skills

15 years in software development, 7 of which as a full-time employee.
Mostly backend on all kinds of scale. And a bit of frontend too.

Solidity/EVM knowledge with a bit of hands-on experience within developer course from ConsenSys (in 2018). Didnโ€™t have much practice since then, but now working towards switching into web3 full-time. And, of course, want to do some cool stuff for WAGDIE.

Feel free to reach out for help with your projects or even just for discussing tech side of things on any level.


Have experience with events booking/planning.
Can do basics in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Audition.
Playing around with Midjourney for art right now.
Into DIY punk/metal underground and collecting vinyl.

Here everyday since MAYC sacrifice trying to not let even a single day of lore to slip, hell yeah!



Twitter @Popa_1986

Soft Skills:

PMP (Project Management Professional)
Creative Writing (Bit rusty but I can get the job done)
Legit "Wannabe Larper"

Technical Skills:

SQL (It's my bread and butter)

Work Samples, Links, Etc:

Outdated blog posts on newspaper websites, Linkedin profile won't relate
to this project =/

Goals & Ideas:
I would like to be part of the 18th that made this project a competitor to BAYC/CryptoPunks/Azuki. Let me know how I can help!


Twitter: @dontfeedwolfeth

Soft Skills

  • Creative Writing:
  • Storytelling, Comics (short form) & Webtoon as well as Prose
  • Community Management & Strategy in Web3 since 2021 for multiple 10k projects and more recently for V since March 2022

Technical Skills

  • Discord Guru, primarily in security and formatting, was originally hired solely for that with current company but have since transitioned into multiple community building tools - been using Discord for Community building since 2016/2017, but wasnโ€™t until 2020 with crypto discords before NFTs that I truly built anything
  • markdown savy, some html & web design (although many others more tech savy than I - my stronger suits are copy, strat, & security

Name: King Offling
Twitter: @KingOffling
ENS: deathwishdev.eth

Soft Skills:

  • Project Management
  • Community Management
  • Game Design
  • Video Game Publishing
  • Tabletop RPG Development
  • Communications
  • Creative Writing (Narrative)
  • Creative Writing (Languages)

Hard Skills:

  • Photoshop (mid-tier)
  • Unity (mid-tier)
  • Unreal (mid-tier)
  • C# (mid-tier)
  • C++ (low-tier)
  • Python (low-tier)
  • JavaScript (very low-tier)
  • Solidity (very low-tier)
  • Resume Writing (very low-tier)


  • English
  • French (poor)

I believe wagdie hits critical mass when there are people enjoying the narrative without even knowing itโ€™s an NFT. My mission within this project will be to find ways of packaging and distributing the storyline so that as many people can enjoy it as possible.


Tier level is actually helpful :+1:t2:


Well I didnโ€™t know we could include goals, this goal aligns heavily with my own!


Hi, Iโ€™m drknss.eth

NFT artist and visual designer. Joined the space october 21 dropped out of everything else.
I do Metaverse architectural builds, 3D modelling, voxelart, Illustration and animation for a living.

Twitter @DeadnessE
Twitter @drknssBYsascha

Soft Skills:

  • dark taste of humor and visuals in general
  • english/german speaker
  • Storyboarding/Animatics/Visualisation
  • full time degen
  • pixelart
  • elaborate digital paintings
  • 3D modelling
  • voxeling
  • gif and meme creation

Technical Skills:

  • magicavoxels (top tier)
  • photoshop (high tier)
  • blender (top tier)
  • aftereffects (top tier)
  • ableton (mid tier)
  • procreate (high tier)

Work Samples:
Youโ€™ll find lots on my twitter: @drknssBYsascha

Goals & Ideas:
I wanna contribute to wagdies visuals <3 WAGDIE!


Hey, Iโ€™m Rollinorama, @rama19886

Iโ€™m a frontend developer and UI designer IRL and gamedev on my freetime. Some of the games I made just to illustrate the types of games I have been doing so far:

Soft Skills:
Game design
Project Management
DIY stuff

Hard Skills:
Javascript - React
Photoshop and Illustrator
Wordpress and PHP stuff (mid-tier)
Reaper and sound design (crappy, but I can handle some things)

Reach me if you need some help. I think my greatest quality is wanting to help at the moment hahahaha


Top-tier voxel artist?! :drooling_face:

This gets me excited.

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Hello, Iโ€™m BasicallyAngel.

Been in this project since mint. Darkblades โ€œfanโ€.

I live in the US but moving overseas soon.

I am an audio/visual professional. I can provide all shorts of audio support, motion graphics, even graphic design for guilds, stories, characters. Iโ€™ve already worked with some Web3 projects before but mainly worked on the music industry so far.

I also run a big portion of the Darklblade guild lore with posts and graphics I make and I also run Wagdie Daily (yes, I am Liris Willis lol) as much as my time allows me.

I have experience with roleplaying games (video games like DayZ , Ark, RDR2, etc) so lore creation and story making is one of my strong points.

(Btw, will look to expand the Wagdie Daily team so we can make it a Wagdie universe news outlet so if anybody is interested feel free to reach out)

To sum it up:

  1. Audio Support (sound design, mix/master, composition)
  2. Video Producing (motion graphics, teasers, trailers)
  3. Graphic Design (Photoshop compositions/edits, branding)


  • @OneMoreNFT (main one)
  • @WagdieE (Wagdie Daily)

Thank you


Pretty up to anything regarding creative writting, i mean thatโ€™s a passion of mine and the lore and vibe of this story fits all my tastes so yeah, iโ€™m volunteering like a Katniss seeing a Primrose about to participate in her first Hunger Games :face_with_peeking_eye:

And since i canโ€™t edit my first post anymore let me drop a few samples of my work here, not a pro!



call me Fate :new_moon_with_face::crystal_ball::full_moon_with_face:

Aug 19

Name: HATED BY FATE (Fate); The Monarch; Astaroth The Horned Devil (Currently)
Twitter: @hatedbyfate_eth
ENS: hatedbyfate.eth; :new_moon_with_face::crystal_ball::full_moon_with_face:.eth

Soft Skills:

  • Problem-Solving

  • Creative & Lore Writing

  • Poetry

  • Spaces Host and developing content

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Some Music/Audio Production/Recording (dont have time)

  • Collab Manager (currently trying to meet devs of 2977 AD to see if thereโ€™s a way to collab with them, but need to see what end goal of project is).

  • Vast knowledge of RPGs, different animes, and other sources of inspiration.

Hard Skills:

  • Scientific Research
  • Small Presence on Twitter and IG.
    *In touch with fashion, music and other forms of media that would like WAGDIE


  • No coding exp except minimal R

  • no photoshop, video or any kind of thing like that to create media

  • Good acting, terrible accent


  • English
  • Spanish

Fucking create the dopest storylines and lore that turns this into the next game of thrones, berserk, or some other incredible piece of art alongside a community of people I admire have endless pools of different knowledge.




  • Spanish (main)
  • English (broken)

Twitter @pandiraX [wagdie]
Twitter @pandira_eth


  • Public Speaking (zero)
  • Social Skills (low)
  • Oil/Pastel painting (mid)
  • Drawing (mid)
  • Screen printing (mid)
  • UX/Graphic Design (high)
  • Music Production (high)
  • Magic and Oculture researcher (high)


  • Ableton
  • Reaktor
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • DALL-E
  • Midjourney

Goals & Ideas:
To this day my personal goal has been to enjoy this project (of immense personal nostalgia) while learning at every moment from this community of builders, artists and degens. To be honest I donโ€™t expect anything in return, being part of this special community is enough for me.

My brush, sword and wand is at the service of this conclave.


XRE / exrecefe / Eli

Twitter @exrecefe
instagram @elicasadiego

Soft Skills:

  • Organizing
  • Creative Writing
  • Wannabe Larper
  • Lose money with NFTs
  • Spanish speaker (?)

Technical Skills:

  • Web Dev (Javascript)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM)
  • Multimedia Production (Imagen, audio, video edition) (low-mid)
  • SparkAR (Instagram Effects)

Work Samples, Links, Etc:

  • Check my effects in IG.

Goals & Ideas:
I love fantasy universes with deep and interesting lore, I like role-playing games and Iโ€™ve always wanted to be a part of and/or create a community around this (Iโ€™ve tried with role-playing forums).


mark / mark0 / mark0pol0 / mark0pol0.eth

Twitter @mark_c_web_3

Soft Skills:

  • Creative renaissance man, always coming up with new ideas and pouring lots of free time into my creative projects (mostly photography and music production)
  • Great people skills and communication skills. I do customer service for a living, so Iโ€™m very personable and warm. I love to teach friends, family, and anon strangers about the world of NFTs and blockchain tech.
  • Counselor in Training at Adamโ€™s State University (Masterโ€™s in Arts).

Technical Skills:

  • 8+ years of music production (portfolio: markcarlsonmusicDOTmyportfolioDOTcom). Most of the music I produce is for Kieran McKenzie Clark or writing background tracks for the famous 1 mil+ subscriber channel 5MadMovieMakers
  • โ€œprofessionalโ€ photographer, whatever that means. Iโ€™m more of a photography artist that has a professional level of knowledge about the art. Been photographing on film and digital for the last 6 years
  • Videography. Have filmed a couple 10 minute long artistic videos for a youtube channel of mine. Inactive since 2020, but my Premiere Pro skills are Proficient enough for full video production.
  • Just started exploring AI art with midjourney, have some pieces minted on Foundation, but Iโ€™m going to focus more on my photography

Goals & Ideas:

My goal is to be an artist/creator full-time someday. Iโ€™m also studying my masterโ€™s in counseling with the goal of bringing professional counseling skills into web3.

Iโ€™m a person driven by passion and meaning-making. Iโ€™d love to make the world a better place for everyone via art, mental wellness, and liberating personal expression!