WIP-0: To incentivize decision making activity by establishing a decentralized Moderation team for the Forum

Recognizing this is a marathon and not a sprint, I don’t mind waiting on voting until this is fully fleshed out. I agree that 6 is too little representation, and voting for 6 without fully understanding how Conclave representation/T4/quorum works (in plain English that even newcomers could reasonably understand) feels like an uninformed vote. I worry that it’s getting a little complicated already. 14 moderators seems almost the same without all the added complexity. I’m not saying we shouldn’t differentiate between mods/Conclave Reps/T4 etc, these are all actually great ideas. Just that any and all voting should be done after all the moving pieces are in place and can be communicated out in laymen’s terms.

There is a cap on the total number of mods/staff to 5 unless the Discourse plan is upgraded at 3x the monthly cost.

Thats the only reason there is a consideration between mod and T4.


Got it, thanks for the clarification. I really like the idea of a Quorum and think it’s a great way to make sure there’s enough representation given these limitations. But my overall point still stands, I think it should be all ironed out before voting on anything so I know exactly what I’m voting for.

Edit: To put it simply, if we’re going to take Merlin’s idea into consideration (which I think we should) then we should withhold the vote.

Its important to understand that the role of mods/T4 is to do a first pass to make sure proposals meet some kind of base requirements and are formatted correctly. The community still has final say when they vote.

I would also be ok with something as simple as 10 thumbs up on a draft proposal for it to get promoted to a vote. Of course, the people who can control WHAT ends up being voted on do have power if they act in their own interest.

I lean towards moving fast and modifying as needed along the way. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. The two still have final say at this point when it comes to actually releasing funds from the multisig.

Decentralization is starting to happen, we are moving from random “team” donations to a more formal governance structure but it doesn’t need to be perfect from the start.

These opinions are mine alone.


Thanks for your patience, you’re absolutely right. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the mod vote and a quorum vote are really 2 different things. I’m ok on voting on just mods without this. FWIW I also agree a simple 10 thumbs up on drafts is fine.

It doesn’t need to be too complicated.

  1. individual makes proposal,

  2. community voices their opinions on it

  3. conclave representatives pay attention to and take notice of proposals that gain traction and help guide it to final proposal for voting…

which again brings the power back to the 4)community votes whether or not it passes.

As for the nuances of systems to improve curation and keep engagement high by not overwhelming people with too many proposals or feeling like no proposals ever pass — the Conclave Reps/T4 can hash this out as well as the community through trial and tribulations


Just for the record, I don’t think we should compromise too much for the sake of $200 (0.2 ETH) per month …

Not saying that we shouldn’t stick to the 6 proposed, but if this is an effective use of the treasury then we should do it.

T4 can accomplish the same things as moderators would, regarding moving proposals from new to final.

Only thing T4 can’t do is ban users from the forum and other moderator-like duties.

Honestly I’m kind of glad to have a split difference between the two. I would rather have T4 focus on proposals, guiding new proposals to final proposals - assisting others in writing them etc. and have the moderation and admin duties of forum upkeep be a separate position.


I think poof is a good fit, he is the co-founder of Ether Orca and is behind wagdie 3d


Would love to assist on reviewing proposals, especially on the tech side of things. Some info about me.

In short, I can:

  • participate in proposal discussions, analyze and explain technical solutions
  • help to raise the bar of proposed solutions, help with roadmaps and just general guidance over time
  • facilitate participation in the governance and make it more accessible for a regular holder (via twitter interaction, recaps and explanations)

Something I thought of recently… As we should ensure our team of Representatives offers varying skills.

Would love for anyone to nominate themselves or those who already been nominated that are savvy with Finances and structuring deals, formalizing plans and investment strategies to please say so.


I’m planning on bringing a good number of projects to proposal, as well as helping others do the same for theirs, and would rather not deal with the conflict-of-interest of also being a approval moderator on the matter. It’s important that we have some checks and balances regarding that, so (though I’ll be vocal around here) I’ll have to decline my nomination in favor of a more hands-on approach with proposal generation.

Definitely consider me a resource to approach for help with project development, ideation, and assistance with anything you’re trying to put forward, but it’s definitely best for us all if there’s a more even spread of authority.

It’s like Kanye said… (Kanye West - POWER - YouTube)


I have high level management skills and have been on the buy and sell side of acquisitions. I also have DAO specific experience. I believe I can translate this into higher level understanding of governance and strategy with the technical skills to assist community in proposal creation, revision and acceptance.

If not in this role then I would love to be involved in an external role or simply to make myself available for anyone who needs assistance in writing proposals.


There is pressure from Community members to get this moving to a Final Proposal - Last call for nominations/fair objections. Below is the list of Nominations for CR, duties and terms.

Nominations (in order of mention):

  • Bus
  • EntiTez
  • Balyan
  • 0xMerlin
  • Popa1986
  • Josiah
  • Dontfeedthewolf
  • Peach
  • Rom
  • LostCowboy
  • PrinceHamDoe
  • Basically Angel
  • TheGoldenEel
  • Metaminati
  • Brennen.eth / Council of Six
  • Isk
  • sirfancy.eth
  • hersilence.eth
  • tenacity.eth

Proposed 1st Term:

  • 6 Weeks to start

Position Details:

  • T4 (Trust level 4) Users = Conclave Representatives & will be the curators of Proposals bringing them from New Proposals to Final Proposals to be voted upon.

We will start with 6 for the first 6 weeks then reconvene/open for removing/adding/renewing.

  • T0 can write Proposal Ideas in General, T1 & above can submit New Proposals (Drafts) but these Proposals don’t move to Final Proposal without Community Discourse & T4 Support.

  • Final Proposals that go live come back to Community Vote.

  • Conclave Representatives merely support/curate, ultimately final voting and decisions are made by community.


I think poof is a good fit, he is the co-founder of Ether Orca and is behind wagdie 3d


Thank you. I’m honored, but will abstain. My schedule and diverse responsibilities will make me a bad candidate for consistently being present and able to bring things forward.

Will be continuing to support the project and proposals though any way I can! Thanks all :slight_smile: