New and Improved Wagdie Tournament <3


This initiative seeks to fund operations of a new WAGDIE Tournament set at Pilgrim’s Arena.


Our 16-week tournament was incredibly popular and produced some fantastic lore.

We wish to find another champion.


Fighters will stake at Pilgrim’s Arena, along with audience members.

A new website will showcase the fighters, the brackets, and other cool new innovative features for the tournament.

Every week (schedule permitting) Lost Cowboy and King Offling will host a fight from the tournament on WAGDIE Weekly.

Losers (and probably some audience) will die.

When there is only one left, they’ll be crowned the champion.

The champion will win a magnificent prize (TBA).


The first tournament fight will begin 6 weeks after funding.

There will be 16 fighters in the tournament.

With one fight per week, this project would last around 15 weeks.


There is also an option for a 32 fighter tournament.

With one fight per week, this project would last around 31 weeks.


There are two options to funding this proposal:

2 ETH - (16) Fighter Tournamnet [15 weeks]

4 ETH - (32) Fighter Tournament [31 weeks]


Tournaments are consistent community content that satisfy a lot of players, and provide entertainment to many.

With the new advancements of Pilgrim’s Arena, we are able to do a lot more with the tournaments.

Through this proposal, we will reignite the excitement of combat while building new tools to further the project.